It’s easy to take decisions and put the blame on others if things go wrong. But, it takes courage to admit that the decision taken was one’s own.

A couple decides to take their children to an amusement park one weekend. As the husband takes to the steering, the lady suggests that they take Route B which would be free from traffic. The husband readily agrees and drives ahead only to find the message ‘Road blocked due to ongoing construction work’. Instead of accepting the decision as their collective misjudgment, they start arguing as to whose mistake it was to take that route. As a result precious time is lost and an unhealthy atmosphere is created in the place of what was meant to be a pleasure trip.

Have you been in such a situation?

Have you ever decided not to pack lunch for work assuming it’s a colleague’s birthday treat only to find that s/he is on leave for the day? Oh! How much you gritted your teeth and cursed the poor person for your empty stomach! The fact is that it was you who had assumed the treat and hence the mistake was yours, not the other person’s.

Don’t run away from the decisions you make – be it in the financial management of your company affairs, your choice of career, your choice of spouse and so on. The consequences of all decisions are not always rewarding. Be bold enough to accept the mistaken decision and make the necessary amends.