Decision making is very closely related to the ability to take risks. A person who takes risks also takes very quick decisions. A person who is scared of risks will never take decisions. Also, how strong the person is in taking risk depends upon how he was brought up.

Ability to make good decisions only comes with experience. Nobody is born with that. Every person who is successful has taken a lot of wrong decisions at some point of time in life.  Sometimes, wrong decisions cost us a lot – money, health, time, life, etc. But those wrong decisions also teach us and give us a plethora of experience.

I was a slow decision maker for a long time in life. It was because I was scared of responsibility. But once I learnt the art of taking responsibility, it became easier. It takes a lot to stand up to people and say to them – it was my decision, I was responsible for it, I messed up and I will pay for it.

It is important to take responsibility for your decisions. Yes, you deserve to be applauded for good decisions but you also deserve to be blamed if those decisions are wrong. Are you ready to take that plunge?