Decision Making or Making a Choice is one of the most tedious subjects of our life. Today, the world where we live in has a number of choices to make and ample of decisions to be taken making our life complicated, difficult and sometimes miserable. Taking decisions or making choices becomes more difficult when there are more choices or options. We need to remember that one good decision can have positive repercussions for years and so can one bad decision. 

There are a few very important factors which need to be considered while making a choice or decide something very important. These are as follows:

Time Factor: Recently we shifted to a new rented house. And we are suffering for the decision we made. Consequently, we are looking for another house. There was no water problem, there was no security problem, but, we had overlooked the locality which we realised later. It’s very noisy. The rooms are exposed to nice breeze and are well ventilated yet the main room has too much sun rays coming in and will definitely be a problem in the summer. It was not exactly a bad decision but a decision taken in haste.

So taking the required time to decide something and making a choice is very important.  

Emotion Factor: Sometimes we take decisions emotionally and suffer. For example, when there are so many different opinions in a joint family among the brothers and their families then it is wise to decide to divide peacefully not bringing emotions into the picture and stay unhappy and angry all the time. Being practical instead of emotional is important while taking sensitive yet very important decisions. 

Risk Factor: In some decisions we need to assess the risk factors involved. Decisions like investments, starting a new business etc., are some of the examples.

But even in a decision like having a party at this or that place the risk factor should be considered. The level and the amount of risks definitely varies in different cases or situations but it is an important factor to be kept in mind.  

People Factor: Some of our decisions have people involved in it. It’s not about us always… There are people around us, living with us or living around us. We need to consider them while taking any decision or making a choice.

If I am living alone in a house then I can take decisions without considering my family members but when I am living along with my family then I need to think about them or consider their desires etc.  

Benefit Factor: When there are a lot of choices  or factors to be considered while making a decision then it is likely that there will be different outcomes whether positive or negative ones. Making a list of pros and cons  and the benefits derived should be taken into consideration before finalizing the decision.

God Factor: At the end I will bring God into picture. Because decision making is done foreseeing something, the outcome of which is always unknown to us. We have to put all our efforts to take the right decision but we need to rely on the divine strength in prayer before taking all decisions. Sometimes we just do our way without even considering the God factor and later we blame why He allowed that to us.

Decision making is a stressful process but very vital. Those who decide well are successful in life. That’s guaranteed.

We will be discussing more on this topic throughout this week.

Keep reading, keep discussing…

Stay Blessed!!!