Parenting can be stressful, difficult, and complicated. You become responsible for the life of your child and you’re expected to raise them up as a responsible citizen of the country. It’s no easy feat and you may find yourself questioning your capabilities and parenting skills if something goes wrong.

While it’s natural for us, parents to be disappointed of ourselves and think of giving up, we have to keep in mind that our Parent in heaven never gave up on us. So if you’re struggling right now as you encounter challenges with raising a God fearing child, here are five important things our Parent above wants to remind you. 

You Are Imperfect

Like your child, you are still a work in progress. You’re bound to make mistakes. So don’t beat yourself up too much because of what happened to your child. When things go wrong, don’t blame yourself as blaming never gets you anywhere from point A to point B. Instead, continue to be accountable for the life of your child. Continue to pray according to God’s will. More importantly, entrust their lives to the perfect One who understands and shows Himself faithful to those who hope and rely on Him. 

Your Child is His Child, Too

He knows how you feel. He understands your pain as you see your child get lost because they won’t heed your instructions. They chose another path which they think is best for them but in reality, it leads to the path of destruction. You may be panicking and driving yourself crazy thinking of how you can get your child to realize the error of their ways. God sees and knows about it. Continue to get on your knees and pray for your child, who’s also the child of the Most High. Trust His plans and hang on to your faith for He knows what’s best and He’s got your best interests at heart. 

His Timing is Always Right

You may have been praying for your child for some time now but you may not see any result yet. You may have even wondered if God can hear you and doubted whether He really cares enough to hear your pleas day and night. You may think your situation is hopeless and that your prayers fell on deaf ears. But still, hang on. God’s timing has never been wrong and we can trust Him to make things beautiful in His own time. 

He is in Control

It can be heartbreaking to see your child not acknowledge God in their lives. One thing we can take comfort to when we’re struck with difficult circumstances with our relationship with our child is the fact that God is in control. We may think that things become complicated more than ever as days pass by. But sometimes, God takes us to the long route of life so that we’ll realize how He’s in control and how He’s faithful to provide all our needs.

He’s With You Whatever Happens

God knows what’s in your heart. He is faithful to carry out the plans He has for you, your child, and your family. As you go through the difficult circumstances, continue walking by faith and not by sight. The circumstances may show you the opposite of what God said. Nevertheless, believe God’s words and not what you see. That’s why it’s called faith. You don’t see it but you believe in it. But I say don’t just believe God’s promises. Embrace them and declare them in your life no matter what you see happening in the life of your child. Whatever happens, stay in His love. It’s a choice you will never regret.

As parents, our children are the most important gift we could ever have in life. Our love for them is unmatched and unequalled. And so is God’s love for us, our children, and the rest of His children on earth. When we anchor our life in Him, we will not be moved. No circumstance can ever shake us.

So hang on tightly to your faith in Him. Do not give up. He will see you through this most trying time of your life and your struggles too, shall pass.   Continue reading “5 THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN YOUR CHILDREN HAVE LOST THEIR WAY”