When the journey is hard, when the walls are closing in, when life makes no sense, when all around makes you feel like you are not even there, like you no longer matter, when life try to make you believe that no ones cares, when your last source of strength is dried out by disappointments, by failures, by simply being human, remember, HE WAS AND IS THERE ALL ALONG THE WAY..
Not one single act of glory of failure in our walk goes in vain, even though we get to choose every step we take, and where it lead us God still will use every pain, every scar to mold the person in which He originally made us to be, even when we are broken and dead inside, it is than that He comes alive and strengthen us in Him who is all sufficient, all perfect, all pure and Is LOVE!
Live like you were dying, die like you were living, don’t wait till someone is gone to forgive to let go, to forgive, to say how you feel for them, there is no grace in anger or vengeance, but there is life and everlasting mercy in forgiveness, life is to be lived with a purpose greater than our own, and not to be survived by a result smaller than our efforts…
Are you a believer? There are so many crying out for help, so many wanting to believe in something more than life, some stuck behind their own brilliant mind, and blind heart, refusing to believe in what deep inside they knew to be true all along, is it really worth to continue to compare Faith to Science when your life is on the line and man can no longer do anything for you? Faith will always carry what the world simply can’t, and trust, believe in God is the only answer for an eternal life, what do you have to loose, take a chance, DARE GOD to make Himself known to you, and hold on to your heart for the most indescribable journey life can give…

Guest Author2 

Alessandro Carlo Monte, (C) loves to inspire, writing about Love, Life, Faith, and Family. He is a father of two boys 18 and 20 who are his life, Damian and Joshua, He is 48 years old, has his own business doing some real cool floors and counter tops, soon venturing into art work, ” Painting & Coatings By Alessandro.” He is single, but waiting patiently for The One who he will share the rest of his life with. He lives in Cape Coral, FL. He loves to write, He is a foolish romantic, always looking in what is good in people, and life, doing his best to be someones inspiration and reason to smile…

Guest Author End



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