Finally this week has to come to an end and we close the topic on lying. We discussed various aspects of a lying tongue and why it is bad.

We have been told since we were kids – that lying is a bad habit. All of us have got into trouble because of it, have been scolded, punished, made guilty and what not. But in the end we still have chosen to lie. Why?

Because we are humans; humans make mistakes over and over again. It is definitely a bad habit to lie and if each of us resolves to not lie in future, the world would be a much better place to live in. But before you take a resolution of this kind, it is important to forgive yourself for the lies that you have said in the past. If you feel guilty about them, share your feelings with somebody and move on.

Lying has never helped anybody, it has only messed up lives some to a harmless extent and others to a large extent. So, give it up! Lying will never help you.