Everyone knows the horrible feeling, when realizing we were lied to.

It hurts! Deeply.

Especially when somebody that’s close to our heart lies to us. At times we get so upset, we’re wishing for a world without lies.

What would happen if everyone could just tell the truth? Wouldn’t that be so perfect? Wouldn’t that be the ideal world?

Then we think again.

Have we ever lied to someone?

Surely! Everyone told a fib at some point of their life, whether if it was unintentional, or just to avoid a conflict with our spouses, or to rescue a good friend out of trouble. Those white lies really help us out! And if it’s for a good cause, I actually even start to think, white lies are there to help us out in our every day life!

Some white lies save relationships, some ease a hectic situation, and others buy us time. As long as we aren’t hurting others or breaking the law, these innocent lies can make life more pleasant.

Intention behind what we speak is important. A lie is a lie yet it is acceptable when we are saving a sickly person by telling him everything is alright when its not.

That’s a matter of lot of thinking… Keep thinking and keep responding your feedbacks.


 — Judit


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