If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves.

I was brought of up in a conservative family and going to movie halls is prohibited. I remember when I was in college my friends used to force me to tell a lie and go to movies… but I was feeling so weird to do that.

The simple reason behind it was my upbringing. I may not be perfect in some other areas of life but in regards to going out somewhere else telling a lie to my parents is not my cup of tea. I had also seen that whenever I had told a lie I was caught by my elders and was embarrassed.

Being honest is vital, but being honest with our own selves is also very important too. Usually we find faults of others but when we find faults of our own self we will be considered honest.

Pastor and author Bob Smith lists some of our self-deceptions like this, “Others have prejudices, but we have convictions. Others are conceited, but in me it’s self-respect. When you spend time on your personal appearance, it’s vanity; in me, it’s just making the most of my God-given assets. In you, it’s touchiness; but in me, it’s sensitivity. In you, it’s worry; in me, concern.”

Author Joanie Yoder says, 

The apostle John teaches that if we say one thing but practice another, we are lying (v.6), deceiving ourselves (v.8), and even making God a liar (v.10). Having diagnosed our dishonesty as sin, John gave the prescription in verse 9—confession, or calling it what it is.”

Learning to be honest and speaking truth is actually life saving in the long run which we don’t understand because we visualize only a part of our life span.

Friends, be honest with others and also with yourself…

Stay Blessed!


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