I knew my life has changed right at the very moment I looked into my daughter’s eyes at birth. I became a parent and knew this will be the best, most important job I will ever hold this lifetime. Was I scared? Yes, terrified and I found the quote “You can’t write a prescription about parenting, because every child is different”, very true.

Thankfully, I was blessed with mine, an “easy” child. Her curiosity was unsatisfiable from an early age, which made me realize the importance of role models in her life. Not just talking about my own behavior, but to surround our family with positive, well grounded people. People she can look up to, people she can learn from. With keeping in mind, that even when you think no one is watching… think again!!!

I also found it important to involve her in extra curricular activities such as; athletics or playing a musical instrument, to help build a wider social circle and teach her how to be committed to something, building a persistent character.

Last month she became a teenager. A new phase of our life, a new phase of parenting. So far, I learned, that listening could be a better friend, than lecturing, in building a strong relationship. Listening carefully is how I can gather information about what’s going on in my child’s life and head. Listening is always the first step in solving problems.

Parenting, is something you learn, as you go. Just keep calm, and listen to your kids, and they will teach you how to raise them!