Every morning sitting with a cup of coffee or tea in one hand and the newspaper in the other, we come to terms with the world we live in.

What do we do?

In most cases we end up complaining and blaming our leaders for not doing their job well. We complain of our votes getting wasted and then resolve and wait to vote for the next leader who would repeat their mistakes and make new ones. We are full of suggestions and are always trying to put in our own advice during the rise of a crisis.

Well is this that we are entitled to do?

We all dream of a better society brimming with competent leaders skilled enough to handle our social, political and economic issues.

But where do we find such people?

Our education system has taken up an endeavour to create leaders for tomorrow. But the making of an excellent leader starts from home itself. A good leader has great parents. Children learn from experiences and by watching their parents. They consider their parents to be their role models. A parent who upholds the values of integrity, perseverance, justice, cleanliness would try to inculcate these in the child; rather the child would imitate the parent and strive to be like him or her. On the other hand, a child whose parent is negative, torturous and lacking in morality and hygiene would succumb to these values later on in his or her life.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “There is but one way to train up a child in the way he should go, and that is to travel it yourself”. That explains the fact that a parent should be a good role model.

Every child is different and therefore to create good leaders, a parent should learn not to compare a child to its peers. This involves having good management. Parents can adapt themselves to the child’s temperament and try to understand better in case a difficulty arises. So, good management of affairs is the key to making a good leader.

A child remembers all when an adult. Hence, it is necessary for a parent to create good memories. They will help the child later in life. It’s not only a parent’s job to train up a child as some of us are competent, some are not, some are blessed and some are in the waiting.

You don’t need to have kids in order to be a parent. I am not married and don’t have kids but still I consider it to be my job to guide children in making them amongst greatest leaders of our nation. If you are like a parent to any child, grab the opportunity to inculcate good morals when required as our world is in need of a cure.