Parenting is a daunting task. I am not yet a parent but still I have so many kids around me… of my sisters, my brother etc. I watch them closely. I see how parents struggle and how kids grow up reacting to their parents’ behavior.

This is an age where kids grow up surrounded by thousands of competitions. They face competition at each step in their life. They struggle when their parents put them in those scenarios where they have to go through competitions instead of just enjoying their childhood. I really pity those children who are in different reality shows and competitions participating and fulfilling their parents’ dreams & desires.

I read a study by Author Rick Warren where I found something interesting connected to this subject. I want to share that here for you all to read.   Rick says…

What we need to teach children from an early age, even before they get into school, is: God is my father, he loves me unconditionally, and he will never stop loving me.

If our children can understand and absorb that truth then, when they are confronted by someone who wants to diminish their self-worth, they can have the confidence to say, “If God likes me and I like me, but you don’t like me, what’s your problem?”

Unfortunately, most kids don’t grow up with that kind of confidence. They grow up under the cloud of comparison, constantly asking, “What does everybody else think of me?”

That’s why it is important to teach children that God is their ultimate, heavenly Father. And they need to understand that God is not like some earthly dads they may have encountered.

So what kind of Father is God? He’s …

  1. Caring. God is a caring Father who loves you and will never stop loving you. Some dads don’t care, but your heavenly Father cares about you all the time.
  1. Close. God is a close Father. Some dads are distant, but your heavenly Father has promised, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.” (The Bible).
  1. Consistent. God is a consistent Father. Some dads are fickle and moody, but your heavenly Father is never changing.
  1. Capable. God is a capable Father. Some dads are like Homer Simpson; they can’t do anything. But your heavenly Father is capable, able to do all things.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

Dear parents, teach your children well about God, the Father and also take care of the issue of insecurity developing within them in the midst of competitions at every stage of their lives.

Stay Blessed!