I came back from office and reached home at 6:08 PM this evening. I was sick, feverish, cold, coughing, hungry and extremely tired. I had no write-up in my hand for tonight. I had no way out but to sit and write myself.

You must be thinking why I am sharing my problem with you…

Because I feel there’s something for me to learn with regard to the subject of “Goal Setting”… “Back up plan!” That’s what I didn’t have apart from being agitated or worried.

Every plan or goal we set for something important to be achieved, needs to be well backed up with Plan B or Alternatives. If I don’t have an uncle or a brother or a friend or a local driver to drop me in the airport early in the morning at 4am, then  I will be in deep trouble if my booked taxi turns my request down at the nick of time.

Even if we memorized “7 LITTLE KNOWN GOAL SETTING TRICKS” yet fail to make a back up plan then we are more likely to be failing to achieve the set goals or achieve it with much difficulties.

I hope now you all understood why I shared my problem first. The goal of Candles Online is to publish an article every evening at 7 PM. If we don’t keep a back up write up in our hand then we will be unable to publish at 7PM that evening.  And by the way, I can’t write this same article every time we are in this kind of situations…. Lol 😉

So friends, always have a strong back up plan to your set goals…

Stay Blessed!