Anyone who has ever been in a broken relationship knows how important it is to “heal” before you can even attempt to think of someone else.

During this time, one can literally go through the seven stages of grief. Do you know what those are? It starts with shock or disbelief, then denial, then bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and finally acceptance/hope. Unless one goes through most of these phases, it is difficult to move on.

I went through the same process many years ago, when I was heartbroken after a nasty break-up. I started off with disbelief, after which, for the longest time, I was in a state of continued denial (something that I laugh at myself for today!). 

During my state of denial – I realized something – I was bombarded with a bunch of guys who were seemingly great. And more than once, I was swayed. But this time, I prayed a prayer that I am proud that I did! I asked the Lord to help me – to take charge – after all, HE is the one who decides who my life-partner would be. So why was I running around trying to find my Mr Right? I just left it to Him, and to my to-be, to find me!

Of course, my Mr Right didn’t magically appear in front of me after I said that prayer. I had to wait another year and half; I went through all of my stages of grief – and even passed by some more “distractions”. But thankfully, my mind was clear.

A year and half later, my husband entered my life, and as they say, the rest of history.

So, if you have suffered a heartbreak, my earnest request for you is to take it slow – this is a time of transition, but also a time of distraction. Don’t be distracted – submit to God’s plan for you.

I had only one regret – I wish I had prayed that prayer earlier.