Butterflies are things of beauty. But there life starts with a struggle – when the butterfly tries to break through the cocoon to enter into this world its a fight of its life; it has to break its way out. But its this fight that helps it get stronger. When it breaks the cocoon with its legs it makes its wings stronger and this makes the butterfly more agile.

As my brother mentioned in his article, ‘What does not kill us makes us stronger.’ And that is true. Everybody has to face a time of trial and tribulation. They have to go through that period of inevitable change. Because as they say “Change is the only Constant.” 

The thing which we need to do during this is persevere and believe that when we come out on the other side as survivors we are stronger – that we have evolved into a better version of ourselves. It’s our troubled times that keep us grounded, that makes us validate the existence of a higher power at work. Yeah! You are right… I am talking about God. And that thought keeps us humble and human.

A transition also helps in keeping the faith alive that everything that is happening is for the best and that after this dark night there is a beautiful dawn awaiting … And its going to be the best …