Mountaineering is definitely not a child’s play!

The great men and women of the world, many of whose names do not always make it to the newspaper headlines brave the icy winds to scale the steep slopes. As a mountaineer climbs higher and higher the weather conditions become worse. Along with the extreme cold, often there are storms and rain which deter their path. There is a constant threat of their supply of oxygen running out mid-way. Many of them battle frost-bite.

More than these external challenges, the internal phantoms are the ones they need to deal with. Death stares at them every moment. They never know whether they would be able to return alive to their loved ones or not. The terrible sight of the lifeless bodies of those other mountaineers who were not able to reach the peak or even if they did, didn’t return alive creates a sense of dread.

However, those brave hearts who battle and overcome these extreme challenges of the body and mind every moment of the climb, are the ones who scale the peak. There is no gain without pain. Who else can explain it better than a person who has conquered the peak!

Endure the pains of life. You’ll emerge a conqueror!