A process or the transition period is best understood when we study how a pearl is created in an Oyster. God’s creation is so beautiful and when we study each one of them we learn new lessons from them.

Other precious stones or metals are cut, shaped and polished to look precious and good but the pearls are different and they don’t need any such treatment. Pearls are beautiful naturally.

A pearl begins its life when an alien object, like a parasite or a piece of shell accidentally sticks itself in an oyster’s soft inner body. That is a kind of irritant and to ease this irritant, the oyster’s body secretes a smooth, hard crystalline substance around the irritant in order to protect itself. The oyster will continue to secrete as long as the irritant remains within its body and creates layer upon layer.

Over a period of time, the irritant will be completely sheathed with the silky crystalline coatings. The result of which is a lustrous and beautiful pearl.

The irritant is definitely a pain to the Oyster and when the defense mechanism of its body reacts to the pain, it creates a beautiful little thing. This happens after that period of transition. 

More interestingly, there are two ways to know the difference between a fake and real pearl.

Firstly, if we rub the real pearls together a small spec of the pearls will come off and it would end up having scratches. But when we rub over the scratch area of the pearl the scratch marks would go, and the pearls would be as if nothing happened.

Secondly, real pearls are fire resistant; they will never melt – to put it that way. But the burn marks disappear just like that when we rub over it.

A thorough process or a difficult transition period makes a pearl BEAUTIFUL, FIRE RESISTANT & STRONG. jewellery-509342_1920

Friends, do not be disheartened when you go through pain and suffering. Stay cool and endure the hardship to come out BEAUTIFUL, FIRE RESISTANT & STRONG after the transition.

Stay Blessed!