This week’s topic was “Good Habits & Practices,” which I hope helped a lot though the snippet writers were less this time. They have a habit of making excuses… Lol 😉

But I would like to highlight few interesting sites in my Final Note while concluding this week.

I came across a site called, “” This website is owned by Gretchen Rubin  who is an author of an very important book named: “Better Than Before.” She has dealt the most common issue of every individual, “habits” in a very descriptive and professional manner.

I even attempted the Quiz offered by the site to know my tendency which is usually of four kind according to the author.

She says, “It’s clear to me why so many people want it. For many, many people, the secret weapon of habit-change is outer accountability.” 

That’s really true. Unless we are supervised or monitored by somebody we don’t follow the rules to change our habits.

She further says, “In Better Than Before, I identify the “Four Tendencies“: Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels. Your Tendency makes a big difference when it comes to how you can most easily change your habits.”

I would like all the readers to visit & read her blog to understand the Four Tendencies more clearly.