H.A.B.I.Ts Maketh a Man

Just as tiny drops of water accumulate to make mighty oceans, habits when practiced long-term define the character of a person. Here are some of the important areas of life where good practices are essential.

Health – Health comprises the physical, physiological and psychological well-being of a person. Some tips for good health:

  • A balanced diet (Vitamins & Minerals – fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroots, tomatoes; Proteins – pulses and lentils, nuts, milk, eggs, fish, lean meat; Carbohydrates & Fats – only according to the recommended allowances; Roughage – fibrous foods; Water – 2 litres per day)
  • Regular exercise (or 40 minutes brisk walking)
  • Complete health check-up once a year
  • Hygiene (Washing hands before meals and after using washrooms, having a bath daily, wearing fresh clothes daily)
  • Peaceful sleep (6-7 hours every night)
  • Entertaining good and noble thoughts (avoiding unhealthy gossip and depressive environments)

Ambition – To dream sky-high and put in the required effort to achieve those dreams is called ambition. Some habits to be borne in mind while pursuing one’s ambition:

  • Work hard consistently (burning the midnight oil for two days and slumbering for the next two days doesn’t yield remarkable results)
  • Set realistic goals (set short-term targets to start with)
  • Manage your time efficiently (prioritize your tasks and do not procrastinate)
  • Associate with people who nurture your ambition
  • Avoid the company of people who aim to pull you down

Behaviour – Our thoughts, words and actions cumulatively make up our behavior. Some good behavior practices include:

  • Feeding the mind with constructive thoughts
  • Helping people in need
  • Respecting every individual (this includes elders, women, children, colleagues, subordinates)
  • Listening to people who want to unburden their hearts
  • Spending time with people who need you

Interests – Our leisure-time activities are predominantly the ones we are interested in. So, we must carefully nurture them. Some do’s and don’ts in pursuing our interests are:

  • Pursue interests that build you and others up
  • Be mindful of the investments in pursuing your interests (time, money, etc.)
  • Your interests should be your stress-busters not stress-creators
  • Do not go to unwanted extremes to focus on your interests. Make smart decisions.

Trade – Apart from family, the workplace is where an individual spends most of his / her time. Hence, good habits are a must to ensure that a person prospers in his / her trade.

  • Be punctual no matter what happens
  • Have a good rapport with superiors, colleagues and subordinates
  • Be polite always (harsh words repel people)
  • Work diligently
  • Wear a smile at all times

Of course, the tips are not exhaustive. Pages can be written for each area. But, humble beginnings lead to great results. And so, let’s be mindful of just a few things to start with!