“Old Habits Die Hard”

In fact I would say, sometimes old habits never die…

I had a peculiar habit of reading novels in my college days. The small text books seem so impossible to finish yet I could finish thick novels within two or three days. That habit died forever when I started working. Lack of time and other commitments prevented me from having the luxury to sit back and enjoy a good novel.

Some other funny habits like, day dreaming for long, sitting on the commode in the toilet were other habits which expired as I grew older in maturity.

But when I started working I developed a habit of reading the newspaper sitting on the commode. Even now I do the same thing at times, but the newspaper has been replaced by my phone.

I don’t know why we get so many new ideas when we are enthroned on the commode. Funny it is, yet a reality.

Procrastination is one of the irritating habits I have. It usually make me keep the most important things till the end to finish and struggle for that.

Some habits are funny and harmless but some habits or practices have negative effects on our life. As we grow in maturity and age, it is our foremost duty or responsibility to see ‘how does my habit affect my personal lifestyle, my surrounding and the people around me…,’ ‘I have to leave the habits that are spoiling my health, my mind, my routine life, my work life, my family…’

It is important to remember that we need to let the old bad habits die soon and groom the good habits till we die.

Stay Blessed!