(In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”)

Before writing this snippet, I asked my husband this very question – his answer was simple and surprisingly immediate: The secret to my happy married life is a happy wife.

I burst out laughing and rolled my eyes at him, but my dearest husband looked at me and said, “What’s so funny? I am serious!”

Thinking about it for a while, after all the laughter and the teasing, made me realise one intrinsic truth about marriage – and especially our marriage. We both strive to make each other happy. Our goal is to make each other happy. Our decisions are made keeping each other’s happiness in mind.

We live in an increasingly selfish world – and even in marriage, spouses seek their own happiness. If we believe God has instituted marriage and brought the two people together in holy matrimony, don’t you think He expects us to exude His qualities in our married life too?

If you remember my last snippet, I tried to reiterate the most important thing about love – that it is a decision, not a fleeting feeling. In the same way, marriage is not a means to get your way – marriage is unselfishness, selflessness and kindness shown by both partners. It is the first step to being satisfied and happy together.

Happy husband, happy wife, happy life!