(In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”)

I recall the incident of that day. I tried to contact my wife twice from office. But she didn’t respond. I thought she must be busy in her classes in the school. She usually returns back to home at around 4 pm in the afternoon. We usually text each other regarding few household things from each other’s work places.

That day I returned back home at my usual time around 6 PM and found the door still locked. I went inside and just sat down thinking what could be the possible reasons of her delay. Then I remembered the next day was the foundation day of her school and she must be busy. I pressed the call button again on my cell. It rang but there was no response….

I just laid my tired body on the bed and watched the TV for sometime. Then I went to take bath. After that I texted her twice. Then again I called. It was 6:45 PM. I thought how could it be that late? Why she is not picking up the phone? She should have answered my text messages at least! I usually don’t bother about delays if informed earlier but she never told me that she would be late. I just guessed that she may be busy for tomorrow.

I was feeling hungry. I made noodles and ate. Eventually I called my sister who used to work in the same school two months ago. I asked her if she know the school number. It was a ‘no’ from her.

I took rest for sometime. After sometime when suddenly I opened my eyes and saw the clock, it was  7:45 PM and I was really worried then. I thought of putting my jeans on again and setting out for her school. But then my sister called and told me, a colleague picked up her call  and confirmed that ‘Asmita Miss just left the school.’

Ah…what a relief…! I pressed her number again and she picked up this time. She said her phone and bag were in the office as she was busy in the class decorating and rehearsing for the next day. She reached home in a short while. 

That day’s incident made me think of a very valuable lesson regarding a marriage relationship. How many times we had fought with each other, how many times we had disagreed over things, how many times I had shouted at her for some or other reasons…but the worries that I had for her without any reason struck me. And gave me an assurance that I am still in love with her.  The beating of my heart for her felt good later after knowing that she was alright.

It is not always important to know whether our spouse loves us or not. Sometimes it is more important for us to realize whether ‘I still love him / her’ or not. In fact, that assurance will give us the confidence to ask our spouse, ‘do you love me?’

The worries for such petty things in life are reassuring. Trust me it is always very soothing and satisfying when we get to know that we both still love each other the way we used to love in the beginning.  It’s a great feeling to know that my heart still beats for her or him. That gives us a sense of immense security in our relationship. I felt it on that day and you can feel the same when you realize that your heart still beats for her.

May God bless us to understand the deepest mysteries of a marriage relationship.

Stay Blessed!