Finally, the ‘Lustful Week’ has come to an end… 😉

Throughout the week we have addressed teenagers and adolescents with regards to the issue of ‘Attraction & Lust.’ But are we, adults free from lust? Do we guard our eyes effectively?

I remember an incident described by my cousin when we were teenagers. He & his friend went to their coaching class. While returning they saw a known uncle coming out of an adult Movie Theatre. These two mischievous creatures went right in front of him and greeted him. The Uncle! Huh! Literally ran away from them feeling ashamed.

One Bible verse really struck me.  I could not proceed further when my eyes fell on this Bible verse in Matthew 5:28 (NIV) where it says, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

I started searching for the parallel versions of the same verse to see the synonyms of the word ‘lustfully.’ I found the verse in different translations which are taken from ‘biblelexicon(dot)org’ as follows:

New American Standard (©1995)
‘but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.’

King James Bible
‘But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.’

Young’s Literal Translation
‘but I — I say to you, that every one who is looking on a woman to desire her, did already commit adultery with her in his heart.’

What does the word ‘lust’ really mean? Is it looking at a woman’s breasts? Is it admiring the curves of a woman? Or is it thinking of going to bed with the woman I am looking at? The word ‘lust’ really confused me.

Google search gives the meaning/meanings as under:

Noun: Very strong sexual desire.

Verb: Have a very strong sexual desire for someone.

Synonyms: Noun. desire – craving – longing – passion – concupiscence

Verb: crave – hanker – desire – yearn – covet – thirst – long

The Lexicon online Bible says, the original word in Greek is: epithumeó 

It describes the word in English further as: ‘to show focused passion,’ ‘greatly desire to do or have something.’

Before I could conclude on the meaning of the word ‘lust,’ the article which we read few days ago on last Sunday came into my mind suddenly.

Yeah! I am talking about the Mega Article written by Prabhjot which clearly states that it is a natural instinct of men to look at the curves, breasts etc., of women to whom they ultimately get attracted to marry. That is how we are created.

I found two conflicting thoughts within my mind. Both the Bible verse and the article seemed alright to me yet, why there seemed to be a contradiction? Or was I missing the difference somewhere?

I decided to do an in-depth study on the word ‘adultery,’ because that’s the result of our natural instinct.

The web meaning says: “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse.”

The Lexicon online Bible confirms it with a definition: I commit adultery (of a man with a married woman, but also of a married man).

Adultery involves illicit relationship between a married man or woman. The Bible verse doesn’t contradict the natural instinct of human beings getting attracted to the physical bodies of people of the opposite gender. In fact, that is how we are made! But, lust in the mind creates a craving for adultery in action – “a thought of having physical or sexual relationship with the woman I am looking at.”

There is a big difference between ‘a thought of having physical or sexual relationship with the woman’ and ‘just getting attracted to the physical beauty of a woman.’ The natural instinct of a man to get attracted to a woman is for choosing a life partner which is not needed for married men anymore.  So, as a married man I simply cannot have both kinds of thoughts running in my mind at the same time.

This is really a struggle many of us go through today. We need to improve not just to show our spirituality but also to show our faithfulness and love for our beloved spouses. This is a practical and a day-to-day issue for all irrespective of our beliefs. We need to improve and grow daily as ‘complete men,’ physically, mentally and spiritually.

(NOTE: Please be open and feel free to comment in support of or against my views. Please also provide your view points on this issue. This article is not for the Christians but for the all to read, comment and share their view points.)

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor. 



  1. The Greek word used by Jesus, epithumeó is the same word as used for COVET. It is a desire to control and take possession of and use for you own purposes, that which you have no right or authority to take because it belongs to another. In the case of an unwed , virginal woman, she either belongs to God (if orphaned or abandoned) or to her own father. If she is a whore, she belongs to her father Satan. If she is married, she belongs to another man. So, looking at her and seeing that she is beautiful. Going home to masturbate to her is covering. Worse, today, many of the women in pornography are into witchcraft, demonically seductive, chemically and physically altered to become idols rather than real and normal women, or worse, they are literally not even women; rather they are men who have been deformed and violated, made into eunuchs and made to look like women. This means the man lusting is receiving not only the spirit of whoredom, but also the spirit of sodomy and homosexuality. All these are death. The sexually immoral shall not inherent the kingdom of God. They shall die. The very purpose of pornography is to lead a man (and women) into a state of desensitization to list, depravity, defiling of self and others and death. Porn ALWAYS escalated to an increasing level of depravity, stealing away the desire for normal thought action and desire. It leafs a normal man with normal appetites for sexual gratification, into pedophilia, rape, sodomy, beastiality, BDSM, orgies, prostitution, and adultery, So to look at a beautiful woman and realize her beauty is not an issue. To list after her, to cover her, to focus your will on secretly indulging those ungodly, perverse cravings of using her body to gratify those debase cravings, is neither normal male behavior ( in God’s eyes) nor is it the thoughts and actions of a man who desires to please God. Why? Because you cannot serve two masters (God and yourself). Ultimately, you will turn away from porn and lust and hate that master or you will love your sin, and secretly return to your vomit as a dog (rather than as a son or daughter of the one, true, living God Yah), and turn away from God and hate him. There are no other options. Choose whom you will serve.

    If God is not real then serve your lusts, because inevitably your self gratification is all you have. But If Yah is real, the beginning of wisdom is a healthy fear of who and what he is, and that serving and honoring his will is life; but rejecting him is death. The fool, in his heart, says, “there is no God.” Therefore, masturbating to porn is no big deal. The beginning of wisdom is a fear of God and his right and authority to separate from himself anything unclean and defiled. If you choose adultery, pornography, to cover and sin against him, then you are someone who does not fear him and instead has chosen to serve self as God. Therefore, you do not fear God and are a fool. So the ramifications of this run far deeper.

    It is a mindset of depravity and the acceptance of depravity as a standard. It is about being in a place of rejecting God for the sake of the flesh. It is about justification of sin rather than seeking to focus your mind on that which is holy. It is being of a reprobate mind and Jesus is saying, STOP, turn away from what you are doing and focus on him. If you do not, God will turn you over to your reprobate mind and you will die.


  2. I have struggled with this sin. This ugly porn thing. It’s what I call an inner cancer. Fallen to it many times…I’ve asked God to forgive me and I trust Him. I want God to heal me. I thank Him for being so mercyful towards me, a bag of shit like me.

    In my sexless marriage, I have sought some sort of temporary comfort, a brief relief, a moment of getting away, a short solution for an indefinite problem. When two good looking persons have it go on the screen, it looks delicious and makes me want to have it as well, wishing I could do the same thing in my life. Be a master of intercourse, if just for few minutes. But I don’t want those exact people! Not their lifestyles! Not their non-marital relationship! And not any of that fantasy setting where they engage. No. Just the action itself, the nakedness, the physical contact, the connecting of bodies, the enjoyment in her eyes. Regardless of any of these reflections, this porn thing is still a sin, a cancer that needs to be put away.

    I don’t have any real sex in my life. Last time I did was a singular thing back in…2017. Before that…in 2015. I’ve tried it all with my wife. It’s tough to make love to someone who doesn’t come halfway, who just keeps her knees together, ruining the whole effort in more than one ways. Maybe I’m just so outwardly despicable, inadequately measured and poorly skilled, not to be fancied at all. Maybe the love is gone? Hey, that could be it! Have I loved her alone? I’ve surely tried to show affection, touching, kissing, trying…but no, nothing. It just doesn’t work. I can’t stay aroused alone when my wife shows signs that anything I do doesn’t do anything good for her. Somewhere deep within I know there could be someone else who could give her something better than me, she just can’t be that frigid, isn’t there always someone for everyone? Maybe somewhere there is someone who is also an unbeliever like her…Maybe that’s it! I believe in God, she doesn’t. Is this a struggle against the powers in the air, with my own wife, in my own house? It’s a tough call to make this better, when even tender hugs are gone. It’s frustrating to hug a person who feels like a doll in your hands, you know?

    As you can see, my ideas and ways to make this work are spent and gone.

    Fortunately, this whole thing is just a thing of this world and time. And I know that Christ is always higher than any of these things and that He took all our sicknesses and trials to the cross…and He also crushed the power of death. For us all. Please pray for me, ok? Please God, help me through this, wherever the path leads me. Please give me strength to carry on with You. Please forgive me my multitudes of transgressions against You. I know I don’t deserve any of it. Please Lord, save me.


  3. J40
    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this. But… If you realise that Christ already brought you into a Prince, Overcomer, and Victorious to be His bride (The price has been paid, you are already there) – Then lead as a victorious king in your home in all things. This will be attractive (And spiritually powerful).
    Also – Look up the PEA hormone (Women have this before marriage, a type of competitiveness when looking for a husband) but this dies when married, and needs to be kindled again, by you being powerful in getting direction and leadership in your own life.


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