The very topic “Attraction and Lust” is such a subject which maximum people avoid to discuss about. Our culture has many a times made sex a topic to be avoided. But in the true sense it is a very significant subject which everyone should have knowledge of.

Today I would like to draw the readers’ attention to the psychological aspect of adolescents’ attraction and lust. Generally there are four stages of human development i.e infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. I would like to emphasis only on the sexual aspect of Adolescence, as it is the most crucial stage of an individual. The growth achieved, experience gained, responsibilities felt, the relationships developed and the knowledge acquired at this stage of life destine the complete future life of an individual. Raymond calls it “The Renaissance Age” of an individual.

Sexual maturity in the adolescent is the central theme of this stage. The sexual energy emerges with great force at the onset of adolescence which remains dormant at childhood. Due to the sudden and vigorous functioning of sexual glands, sexual organs grow and the sex instincts reach their peak. Both boys and girls become extremely self-conscious and children who are antagonistic to the opposite sex start showing great interest and attraction towards the opposite sex. The ductless glands make them sexually active and there is an urge to satisfy the sexual cravings which so often leads them to masturbation.

Adolescence is also marked as a period of extreme emotional instability, where all kinds of emotions like anxiety, fear, love, anger, etc are extreme. Adolescents are too moody, disturbed, restless, sensitive and inflammable and their emotions fluctuate frequently and quickly. It is important that the parents and teachers should be very much aware of the peculiar mindset of the adolescents and should guide them successfully through this difficult period of their life, as this is the stage of human life where most of the individuals divert themselves into the wrong track….often establishing sexual relationship with the members of opposite sex. It should be mandatory for every sensible institution to arrange adequate ‘Adolescence Education’ for healthy growth which includes instruction on reproductive and sexual health.

— Arpita Dutta