Cathie’s world fell apart when her husband left her for another woman. She felt rejected.

When Robert discovered that his parents had abandoned him early in life because of his physical handicap, he felt rejected.

Sheena realized that she was being ill-treated by her own family members just because she was a girl. She felt rejected.

Rohan always found himself alone and ignored by friends because of his dark skin and rotund appearance. He felt rejected by his peers.

Shalini’s husband deserted her when she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She was heart-broken. She felt rejected.

Sneha was devastated to learn that her mother had abandoned her soon after birth because she was born out of the wed-lock. The people she knew to be her family, were in fact her foster family. She felt rejected.

If we look around us, we would find several people who feel riveted to the valley because they have been rejected for their beliefs, poor intellect, appearance, gender, race, religion, profession, economic standards and so on.

Why look at others alone? How many times have you and I felt rejected?

All human beings have an innate need for acceptance. When this need is not met, we feel rejected. Rejection robs us of our confidence and self-esteem. It shatters our peace of mind and lowers our level of performance.

If rejection in some form and at some point of time in life is inevitable, how do we hold ourselves together when feeling rejected?

Remember three indisputable truths :

  • The Creator of the universe has engraved you in the palms of His hands. You are treasured!
  • The very hairs of your head are numbered by God. He is interested in you!
  • You are the apple of God’s eye. He loves you like no one else does!

Tide through rejection with the strength of the Almighty and march on ahead with renewed gusto!

(Disclaimer: The names used in this article are fictitious and have no resemblance to any person dead or alive.  Any unintended resemblance is deeply regretted.)

— Rajnandini Sahu

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