So far we have known what is the scientific and psychological aspect of Rejection? We are also aware of the fact that ‘Rejection’ has been experienced by everyone at a point of time in life and that its consequences are inevitable. I would like to tug at the emotional aspect of rejection. It does make me cringe and I know you will too as this is really not a comfortable topic to talk on.

No one wants to be rejected at any point in life as we all don’t want to be left alone but why does rejection happen in the first place? I may not be correct but my words come out from what I have experienced in my life. Often we fail to resist certain things in life where we were supposed to do it. For example, during preparation for an exam you could not resist watching the television where you needed to concentrate on studies. And thus, you were not chosen as the one who was among the best scorers in the test. This is just one form of rejection. There are other areas also where we get rejected.

Another situation tells us that the ideals in you are not always accepted by others therefore you are rejected. This is involuntary. No, I am not telling you to change your morals. I too have been rejected because of these two reasons. But that did not stop me from believing in myself and giving myself a chance to see good in others and as well as within me.

The One whose teachings I follow was rejected by a mass of people and it is inevitable that I too would face rejection. But following His example I learnt to correct myself in the ways in which I was wrong and trust me this is indeed a very long process. I was not alone in this. God was with me.

We can channelize our inner strength so that we can resist certain things in life and try to learn to build trust with people around us. Rejection too happens when there is the absence of trust. Sometimes we don’t put in much effort to build the trust and stop listening to our ideal self ( by which I mean the right thing and not what I think is right). But there is light at the end of the tunnel and this is just a phase. As soon as you start keeping faith in the One above and hope, you will find yourself gradually coming out of the phase. Now you have learned to handle rejection.

— Ruth Samarpita Sarkar