worthlessness-927079_1920To ponder upon the term ‘Rejection’, – every individual, everyday, in every aspect and at some point of time in life faces it. Some may face it as a student, some in career set-ups and some others in different kinds of relationships etc.

Sometimes people make the mistake of labelling irresponsible and rash behaviour as ‘risk-taking’. They often end up with negative results and start blaming their fate for having faced rejection. After facing it for the first time, many people often start building a negative view in themselves and fear of being rejected further. But as a matter of fact ‘fear of rejection’ is often more worst than facing rejection itself. We may face it several times in our life but we must yet take up the risk of facing it, as it helps us build more of our confidence, firm attitude, self- determination, commitment etc. 

In order to overcome rejection, we should always inculcate within ourselves the desire to sow, as desire is the starting point to handle or overcome rejection. It’s a bigger mistake of ‘not making the attempt and be rejected’ rather than ‘making the attempt and being rejected.’ In my personal life too I had to face lots of rejections. But it didn’t shatter my positive view towards life. Instead I became more confident, self-determined and achieved more positive attitude to face rejection with preparation in the future. 

Dear friends, rejection is only a detour, not a dead end. It is just a delay, not a defeat. It’s better to be ‘for something’ rather than ‘against something.’ Vince Lombardi has rightly quoted – “Everyone has a will to win but very few have the will to prepare to win.”

— Arpita Dutta