Our parents are the ones who give birth to us. Both Mom and Dad play a very significant role in bringing us into this world. Our Mom takes care of us for 9 months and 10 days safely in her womb, and feeds and nourishes us with her blood. Our parents do every possible things to help us step into this world safely with no complications and obstacles on our path. When we step into this world, our Mom always keeps us under her special care just as a hen takes care of her chicks from the enemies by keeping them safely under her wings. And our Dad works harder than usual in order to fulfill all our requirements. When we grow up, they become more possessive about us not because they don’t trust us, but because they love us so dearly. We have been gifted with parents in our life so that we can be helped to follow the right track and also to become closer to God.

Parents are the first friends in our life who are always by our side. They understand our every necessity and provide them to us before we can even approach them and speak out a word. We may have many friends in our life, who sometimes tempt and persuade us in doing things against our own conscience and even trap us in danger, but our parents are such friends who never allow us to fall into the bad company of friends. The simple reason is because they love and care for us more than they do the same to themselves. When we stumble and get imbalanced, our parents are the ones who come first and ask, “Are you alright?” When we fall into trouble, they pat our shoulder and encourage us saying, “Don’t worry I’m with you. You can make it out!” I remember whenever I get Hysteria attacks, my parents come forward first  and place my head on their lap, hold my hand, pat my head with so much love and say, “Don’t worry we are with you. You will be alright!” On hearing this I feel relaxed from all my pains. This is because I’m closely connected with my parents. They always hold my hand and encourage me to step forward in life positively.

Today, are we really in close touch with our parents? It all depends on what view we hold for our parents, what importance and place we give them in our lives. Our parents deserve the maximum credit for our success. No matter  how much effort we apply to be successful in our lives, we would have failed if our parents were not there to encourage and support us physically, financially, mentally and most importantly, spiritually. So no matter what, we should respect, love and care for our parents by maintaining a very good relationship and  keeping them closer to ourselves than anyone else in our lives. To conclude, parents are the ones who mould and give a shape to our future.

— Arpita Dutta

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