Parents know how joyful it is to hold a newborn baby in their hands for the first time. It brings about a sense of pride as their status is upgraded to that of ‘father’ and ‘mother’.  Becoming parents is a joyous event in life. However, parenting means serious business. A newborn baby is a tender sapling planted into the nursery of a family. With adequate love, care and disciplining, the personality of the newborn starts to blossom.

baby-560890_1280It is often assumed (especially in a patriarchal society like India) that bringing up a child is the primary responsibility of the mother alone. Fathers come into the picture when it comes to playing providers or rule-masters. However, the reality is that a child’s relationship with his/her father plays a decisive role in a young adult’s well-being and happiness. Less accessible, less involved, less communicative fathers create an atmosphere of distant parenting in which children seek emotional security beyond the family set-up. Mothers are the natural care-givers for their children. But, a father’s care-giving can go a long way into rearing a well-adjusted child. Fathers are to be teammates with mothers in bringing up their children.

Fathering a child may not take much thought; being a father does!

A secure father-child relationship breeds confident, loved and respected adults.

family-763285_1280Fathers! Your children need you. They not only need quality time, but also quantity time. They need your unconditional love and acceptance. Love and regard your children for who they are, not for how they perform. Demonstrate your affection; give your child a warm hug, a pat on the back, a kiss as often as possible. They speak volumes. Accept your child’s uniqueness; do not compare them with anybody. Your child will make mistakes; do not cast him/her away – discipline with love. Do not put the onus of parenting solely on mothers; your hand in parenting your child is indispensable. Be a father your child would feel secure in. Be a father your child can feel proud about. Be a father to whom other fathers would look up to!

— Rajnandini