We all get to make choices in life. We choose our friends, partners, office colleagues and so on. But there are relations closer enough that we don’t have the right to choose. Or rather we are gifted with some amazing people in our life who we proudly and may be some times not so proudly refer to as ‘family’.

A family is a unit where a child first comes into contact with the outer world after being born. All the basic values and principles are taught here itself based on which an individual makes his choices. Family does have an important role to play in shaping up the different domains of an individual. So, the individual in turn has certain expectations from the family regarding the future.

Often we see, people going through hell-of-a-kind pressure only to meet the expectations of the family. The satisfactory success of an individual depends upon his having a supportive family. India, being richly traditional, most of the times exhibits the opposite of the above statement. There are however rare cases especially mine which agrees with the previous statement. The success of a woman truly lies on the fact as to whether she is trusted upon by her parents or has them by her side. There have been times where I have found myself spilling over matters regarding academics, heartbreak and all other things. But it was my parents who had been my strength and support advising me to draw inspiration from the indomitable Spirit expressed in the Scriptures. They have trusted me in serious matters and decision-making situations.

child-17387_1280What is important is we all look towards the happiness and satisfaction that we can achieve through all our actions and decisions. Therefore, it should never be a compelling situation at home. One thing must be remembered that verbal communication is the key to having a happy family.

— Ruth