Families are busy. As educators in the United States, we have been in heavy contact with many different families, seeing the condition through the eyes of our students. Families have many different things pulling at them, conflicting with the need to be unified and cohesive. Usually both parents have demanding jobs that require long hours and busy schedules; children have school requirements, sports activities, friends, and family demands. This creates an atmosphere of chaos.

Many families do not even take the time to eat a family meal together. Parents grab something quickly as they run out of the door, and children are asked to feed themselves. This “busy-ness” has created the “Fast Food Nation” people too busy to cook a meal at home hurriedly drive through a fast food restaurant for quick food eaten in the car while on the go. Such a situation continues the idea of chaos within the family.

With this atmosphere being the status of our families in the US, it is no wonder that families are eroding. It becomes apparent why the divorce rate is more than 50%. People simply do not have the time for others, including their spouses and their children. Children become independent in the sense that they must take care of themselves mothers are too busy to be nurturing. Students miss education opportunities because parents are too busy to be involved at school. Parents miss the development and growth of their children because they are too busy to notice that their child is quickly growing up. This is truly a disgrace to the institution of family that God has created.

We have been blessed by our time in India by many things, but one thing stands out. The pace of life is much different than the US. This is critical to maintaining a family unit. Taking time to notice things and relate to people is so valuable. It is, in fact, what the God called us to do. He commanded that we “love one another, as I have loved you.” In obedience to this command, we must take the TIME to love our family and others around us.