baby-17342_1280Family is God’s wonderful creation of a closely knitted community. The members of the family share moments of happiness and sorrow. There are also painful moments of strife and quarrel. But God’s intention of family is not to create strife or division and falling apart. A healthy nation is built upon healthy families. Let’s take a moment to check the health of our families.

  1. Do we appreciate one another?

In a healthy family, the members express a high degree of appreciation for each other. Several families even created projects around the house to stimulate praise. For example, one household of five could have creative events with funny, attractive title. Every few months, the family members could meet and each could spend one minute praising every other member of the family. There could even be a family post box placed in a central place. Each member, at their convenient time, could drop small chits of appreciation or positive quality of other members. Such creative fun events are certainly stimulating and inspirational.

2. Do we have quality time together?

The healthy and happy families spend a great deal of quality time together. They genuinely enjoy being together. They worked at doing things that involved every member of the family. It is a wonderful team where all members are self-motivated directed. They share responsibilities and create synergy.

3. Do we effectively communicate?

The successful families have good communication patterns. They spend time talking to each other. The key to effective communication in a family is that members listen and work at understanding each other.

4. Are we committed to one another?

The healthy families have a strong sense of commitment. They actively promote one another’s happiness and welfare. An example of this commitment is in how these families handle themselves when things become too hectic, causing them to spend less time together. In your home, each family member could make a list of his or her individual activities. The things he or she really doesn’t want to do or that isn’t very important are scratched to provide more time for family involvement.

5. How strong is our religious orientation?

The next common ingredient is a high degree of religious orientation. These families participate in religious activities together. They are committed to a spiritual lifestyle.

 6. How do we handle crisis situations?

The happy family has the ability to deal with crises in a positive manner. This isn’t to say that they enjoy crises, but even in the worst situation they are able to find some positive elements, no matter how tiny, and focus on that.

So make all efforts to have a healthy and happy family. Enjoy life and help built a happy nation.

Author’s Bio: Mr. Binoy Kumar Muduli was in the Banking sector for a long time. He left that and joined World Vision. Now he has his own organisation. He is a great teacher, facilitator who teaches the subjects like ‘Goal Setting,’  ‘Stewardship,’ & ‘Effective Communication.’