When the topic Dreams and Aspirations came up to me I thought about the obvious approaches to this subject which was fulfilling our own dreams and achieving the career paths once we had dreamt of. But I knew this would be the general view of other writers and thinkers as well.

As I was pondering over the topic, during my journey in a bus while returning home from college, my attention was drawn towards a homeless duo who looked like siblings. I noticed their destitute situation and inferred that they were among the many children begging around the streets of Kolkata. I began to relate my previous thought of having a dream to the next sequence of events where these two must be having a different one.

We always think of achieving our dreams and aspire to have successful careers but have we ever given a thought about the achievements of these people!

michelangelo-71282_1280Not only the street children but there are innumerable individuals who have been a victim of social evils surrounding our society. The point that I want to make is that even people like them might be having a dream. A dream may not be like yours or mine but a dream to be set free. A dream to hold a book for the first time. A dream to go to bed after having a full meal. A dream to be one amongst us and many as such. A dream to lead a secure life.

I know we all help people with a coin or two when we see them begging in the streets which is indeed commendable but we do forget about them as soon as we reach home

When my B.Ed course began two months ago I wasn’t sure about what I was about to go through. As I am through it midway, I was shocked to learn about the percentage of population that didn’t go to school and the state of education in the country. There are goals that have been set but it is yet to be achieved.

I have decided to make a small contribution to my society by getting trained to educate. Or can I say a tiny initiative to help fulfill at least some child’s dream. That was my calling. I’m sure you have yours as we all get opportunities.

Let us learn to take them. Let us offer a prayer to God to give us the insight and opportunity to recognize and fulfill the need of our nearest deprived person who has a dream to be set free.

Ruth Samarpita Sarkar