When the kids or the husbands come back home from schools, colleges or work they search for something filling and tastier to eat in the evening. I would like to present to you an interesting and very easy recipe tonight.


Brown Bread slices-6

Potato, boiled- 1

Beans Chopped-1 tbs

Carrot Chopped-1 tbs

Cauliflower cut into small pieces

Peas – 1 tbs

Tomato, chopped -1/2 cup

Green chilli, chopped -1

Olive oil – 1 tbs

Cumin -1/2 tsp

Chili powder -3/4 tsp

Mango powder -1/ tsp

Salt -to taste

Green chutney -2 tsp

Butter – 2.5 tsp

Capsicum ,sliced -1


Peel and chop the boiled potato in small pieces. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds. When seeds start crackling add chopped green chilli, tomato & all the vegetables on to it. Add salt and cook till it becomes soft. Add the spices and chopped potato and saute to mix. Add chopped coriander and take out the mixture in a bowl. Apply butter on both the sides of bread slices. Now apply green chutney on the buttered side of 3 breads. Put all the Masala on it, and then arrange capsicum slices over it. Place the slice in a grill or tawa (griddle) Cover this slice with another bread slice . Grill till it become golden brown. Slice and serve hot with ketchup.

Usually Kids and teenagers are fond of Sandwiches. The Sandwiches which you get in the market are unhealthy. Hence this Dish would get a feeling of the same Sandwich which is also healthy and tasty. This is one of my way to get the kids get fond of Healthy food.

Have fun!

Aradhana Das


unnamed (1)-2Good Morning! Opps, Good Evening!

Tonight, I would like to present my second breakfast idea which has lot of healthy ingredients in it. But before that I would like to repeat the quotation of Robert.A.Heinlein, “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”



½ cup sliced mushrooms

½ cup chopped onions

½ cup green bell peppers(capsicum)

6 eggs

½ cup milk

½ cup fresh tomatoes

½ cup cheese

vegetable oil/ olive oil

salt as per taste


1- Heat oil in a pan. To it add chopped mushrooms, onions, peppers. Saute till onion turns transparent. Add salt.

2- In a bowl beat the eggs and milk. Add little salt.  Add the eggs to the mixture. Then add the tomatoes. Let the egg set.

3- Once the egg sets mix the cheese.

Done!!! Yummy, gooey scrambled eggs with veggies. Serve with bread toast and pamper yourself a little more with banana smoothies.

I hope these recipes light up your boring mornings and you feel and experience the goodness and healthiness of eating breakfast.

Anukta Dey Sahu


images-2We all have different opinions about what healthy eating means. We concentrate both on the nutrients and healthfulness that foods bring. But while doing and thinking about all this we miss out the basics. Many people avoid eating breakfast thinking it would help them in their dietary routine. But it’s a myth, it actually leads towards obesity.

As Robert.A.Heinlein in one of his cook books have mentioned that- “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast”.

So that’s how important the first meal of our day is. So how about waking up to a streaming bowl of sambhar and mushy idlis with a nutritious twist or zapped scrambled eggs with veggies and some cheese (which we will see tomorrow).

Oats Idlis


2 cups oats

½ l curd

1 tbspn mustard seeds

1 tbspn urad dal

½ tbspn chana dal

½ tbspn oil

2 finely chopped green chillies

1 finely grated carrot

1 cup finely chopped coriander leaves

½ tspn tumeric (haldi) powder

a pinch of cooking soda

salt as per taste


1- On a tawa, dry roast the oats until it turns slightly brown and then powder them in mixer.

2- In a pan, add oil, mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal and saute till the dals turn golden. To it add the chillies, carrots and coriander leaves.

3- Add tumeric powder.

4- Add all this to the powdered oats.

5- Add the curd to make the batter (do not add water). Make sure the batter has its right consistency.

6- Grease oil to the idli plates and pour the batter.

7- Steam for 15 mins.

Remove and serve steaming hot mushy idlis with sambhar curry and chutney of your choice.

Anukta Dey Sahu


Gone are the days when people use to wake up with the crows of the roosters at 4 am. Gone are the days when morning breakfast meant to have fresh milk from the cows along with some freshly plucked fruits from the trees. Gone are the days when work was exclusive yet limited to fields where people used to spent whole days working in the lap of mother nature.


Now, it’s only about ‘mobile’ alarms, heavy lefty meals and long sitting hours in front of laptops.

Life has no meaning now and people have one single objective – ‘We have to earn loads of money’ . Ok.I agree and I am with you for that but buddy – I have a question. What if you have quintals of gold, trillions of cash,properties in every single country but 20 days of your month are spent at hospitals and half of your monthly income is spent paying fees of doctors and medicines? Tell me! Will you say that ‘I am living my life king sized’ ? 🙂 Please be honest to at least yourself! 😀

Today, life only revolves around electronic gadgets, long sitting hours, regular munching and lavish multi cuisine buffets. We have forgotten the meaning of healthy food and healthy lifestyle. It’s all about running after money now. Nothing is left. Nothing! But yes, if you are alarmed at right time, still you can make your life worthy. Worthy in terms of good health and broad smiles.

(Image cc: unicasport)

Like every other person I will not say that – Don’t eat this and don’t eat that. Sorry. I am not so rude and being a foodie myself I will not do injustice with you but yes being a foodie as well as doctor’s daughter, I will love to recommend some very simple lifestyle changes which you can do at the blink of your eye and can benefit a lot.

Should we start? 🙂 Get pumped!

The very first thing which I will recommend is to –

  1. Remove every product from your fridge which reads ‘ Processed Juice or Mix in 1 glass of water ‘. Yes. The one regular thing which hampers health is the processed juices which do bring smiles on the lips but they stay forever on the hips. Be it powdered, processed, cholesterol free or whatever…trust me, they are the most harmful for your health. The dissolved sugars in them makes your blood thick and leads to many problems like obesity, diabetes etc.

Lolzzzz 😀 – You are thinking na that if you remove these juices how can you have your quick breakfast every morning? 😀 Don’t worry. I have answer to that also! Have a glass of ‘Buttermilk aka Chaach’ which can be prepared in a nick of time and utmost healthy drink with no sugar. 🙂buttermilk-912760_1280

Recipe below: 


1/2 cup – Fresh curds

1 cup – Cold water

1 tsp Freshly grated ginger

1/2 tsp Powdered cumin

Salt – According to taste

1 tsp Flax seeds powder (It helps in lowering the BP)


Put everything together in a blender. Churn it for 2 mins. Pour it in glass. Add ice.

Fresh Chaach is ready! 🙂

Can anything be better than this? I believe No! 🙂

2. Fill your fridge with fresh vegetables and fruits. Now you must be thinking about the regular sabzi and roti. No relax! Food palettes should be taken care of.  😀 Prepare regular Indian dinners can be prepared daily but along with it, make sure you have some exotic stuff too. Now for that, my favourite recipe is Russian Salad.



2 cups of chopped fresh vegetables ( Carrots, Beans, Potatoes, Peas )

2 cups of chopped fresh fruits ( Apples, Pears, Pomegranate seeds )

1 tbsp sliced black olives

1 tbsp fresh parsley and basil

2 tbsp Eggless Diet Mayonnaise

1 tsp powdered sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp mixed dried herbs


Steam the vegetables for 5 minutes.Turn off the flame. Mix all the ingredients together. Garnish it with dried herbs. Arrange it on fresh lettuce leaves. Serve it chilled! 🙂


With this I end up my session of today. 🙂 Loved you guys a lot….and yes do take care. We will keep interacting and keep discussing a lot.

Author’s Bio: Kriti Singhal, a digital marketing professional by profession and food blogger along with home chef by obsession. 🙂
You may connect with her at Krispy Kadhai – Let the food talk! 🙂



Showing compassion, serving others, sharing with each other, going extra miles are few of the examples of the acts that we do out of love.

But when it comes to our enemies, how easy it is to obey the commandment, “Love your ENEMIES?”

Throughout this week we read about the power of love and what love can do. Do we have that same belief in love when we consider reconciling with our enemies? I thought and thought over it but didn’t really get a satisfactory “YES” from within while answering this question.

When we see our enemy in the grocery store as we enter, do we walk out of it or just smile at them or say a simple “hi” and then go our way?

When we are in the same train, on the same boggy with our enemies travelling together how do we react? Do we travel happily after seeing them or try our best to convince the TTE to change our seats from there? Also sometimes do we silently wish, “if my friends were here I could have taught him a lesson today” ?

I remember a scripture portion on this very issue which says, Do not take revenge, my dear friends… on the contrary: ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.’”

What does this “heap of burning coals” mean? Definitely the meaning is not in the literal sense of it. Then what does it mean? Does it refer to causing problems to our enemies or teaching them the best possible lesson? Is it kind of a “mithi chhuri” as we say in Hindi? I don’t think so.

It is a feeling of Penitential Compunction – A deep sense of realisation or guilt feeling that ‘how a person takes care against such a rude & ruthless behaviour or enmity’.

It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either to let the miracles of love happen between enemies.

I love the sight of Indian & Pakistani players walking, talking, smiling or playing together despite of all the hard feelings that they have against each other politically.

‘Miracles of Love’ are possible even between enemies when one of them takes a radical step. When it really happens between enemies the tagline for them changes from “The Enemies” to “Once Enemies, Now Friends.”

Keep reading, keep thinking and keep searching for the opportunity to feed and give a drink to your enemies…

Stay blessed!

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor. 


newborn-659685_1280The expression ‘miracles of love’ is best understood by a woman who has just become a mother. The world just turns topsy-turvy for a woman when her baby arrives. Her schedule changes and everything she does is directly related to the care of her baby. This is the time of the building up of an unbreakable bond between the mother and child. I am sure those who have and have not experienced the joy of motherhood have gone through the delight of watching a child develop different skills as they grow up. It is definitely miraculous to watch a child develop and grow regardless of him/her being your own.

Given the status of our standard of living, women have nowadays stepped out beyond the thresholds of their houses to make a mark in this world. There has been an increase in the number of working women which according to me is a wonderful thing. But this also has its disadvantages. Often we hear ultra modern married working women saying, “I do not have time for kids” or “we have planned not to have kids”. I do not want to hurt the sentiments of any individual reading this article by refuting these statements but what I mean when I pick up such a topic is that the gift of having a baby is one of the most amazing blessings one can receive. I think the arrival of a baby into a couple’s world is God’s way of saying to mankind, “I still love you in spite of your hatred and indifference”.

On the other hand there is a spate of working mothers who tend to leave their infants under the care of nannies and creches while they are out earning for the family. There is seriously no harm in doing so but you don’t know what you are missing out. The words from a little boy struck me so hard that I had the urge to convey my message through this. He asked his mother, ” Mommy would you leave your purse with all money in it and your jewellery with the maid?” The mother answered, “Of course not”. To this the boy asked again, “Then why do you leave me with her?”

This was an epiphany. Children are the most precious possessions given to us. This also explains the issue of killing a foetus in a womb under various grounds as female infanticide and pre-marital abortions.

Therefore my friends, it is time each one of us acknowledges the miracles that have happened to us or which are going to occur in our lives. These ‘miracles of love’ don’t demand anything else but our love and care. Let us acknowledge it by sharing these words of grace to those who need it.



mirror-388386_1280Love is defined as a human emotion, but it is much more than that. Love is the highest form of positive energy. Love is what liberates you. Feeling loved and loving the world around you is the most important feeling for you to have a great life.

We usually show love to our loved ones in one form or other and we do expect a feeling of love from others as well. What we generally miss out on is “Loving yourself”. Loving oneself is ultimate way to feel loved.

It has often happened with me is that when I don’t give enough love to myself – I generally don’t see the love of others for me as well. So, focus on Loving the way you are, your personality, your looks, your habits; love your strengths and your weaknesses; love every bit of you. Love your life. When you are so full of love for yourself, you will see love all around you – it will overflow to reach others. Even the stranger sitting next to you in the bus will feel the positivity of your energy.

You will be the happiest person once you love yourself to the fullest. There won’t be any complaints from life. Life will flow like a smooth river moving towards its goal. So, go now stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes deeply and say “I love you and I love my life”. Smile at yourself, hug yourself and relook at every aspect of your life wearing the glass that says “I love my life”. Life will love you back with abundance!