heart-668592_1280The word ‘reconcile’ has been derived from the Latin word reconciliāre which means ‘to make good again’. It is a word which is used in the context of human relationships only. It means to re-beautify a relationship which was once good and beautiful, but has lost its charm overtime.

Think of a beautiful new garment which you have very fondly purchased. One fine day you discover a few stains on it. What would you do? Would you throw it away? Or would you make an attempt to remove the grease and the stains and try to restore it to its former pristine beauty? Some of us would take the extreme step of discarding it altogether. However, most of us would make multiple attempts to clean the garment. In fact, some of us would decide to keep the garment in our closet unworn for years, if the stain doesn’t go away.

If this is the fond attachment we tend to show for an apparel which we have purchased with money, how much more concern do we need to show for the strained relationships in our lives which cannot be bought or sold with money!

The selfish bitterness, vindictive malice and mindless hatred that stain our relationships can be effectively washed away by using true humility, merciful forgiveness and unconditional love as the cleansing agents.




The parable of the Prodigal son may be looked upon as a tale of forgiveness but there can be another approach to the subject. Here, we come across a man and his two sons.

One day, the younger son demands his share of the property from his father so that he could go abroad and live a luxurious life. With much hesitation but keeping his son’s momentary happiness in view the father divides his wealth and lets the son take away his share. The younger son goes abroad and squanders off his wealth among the friends he acquired.

Gradually he is left with nothing. Struggling for survival, he seeks shelter in the house of a man who put him on a job of looking after his pigs. When he encountered hunger, guilt and sorrow, he realized his mistake and thus decided to reconcile with his father. When he returned to his father, he forgave him as he was eagerly waiting for his son to return to him. And thus, his royal life was given back to him.

This feeling of reconciliation only comes when a person feels empty inside. The boy felt so and given his circumstances he could have decided to not to go back to his loving father dwelling on his guilt and embarrassment. Regardless of his father’s reaction he reached out to him. Many of us could have chosen our ego over reconciliation or even contemplated suicide, if we felt dead with guilt. The prodigal son’s elder brother was unwilling to forgive him but with the guidance of his father he too agreed to a reconciliation. Therefore, friends we can follow the example of these two brothers who chose reconciliation over their ego and self.

Next time you feel empty consider what the positive part in your heart says and choose to be productive.

Ruth Samarpita Sarkar


i-741508_1280Today, September 21st is celebrated as the ‘International Peace Day’ and my good friend Kriti commented on yesterday’s Article on Reconciliation like this: “Sometimes peace is better than being right.. Ego should be kept apart when any issues arise between family or best friends… After all, ego will be just for an hour or day, but relationships are forever!”

She was absolutely right.

I was trying to see the dictionary meaning of the word EGO online, which describes it as: “A sense of one’s own dignity or worth, amour-propre, pride, self-esteem, self-regard, self-respect.” 

Huh! Reconciliation can’t happen at all with a person possessing the above explained attitude within him/her because ‘Reconciliation is an Humbling Experience.’

Pride is absent in Humility where as the base of Ego is Pride.

Now it is very clear to understand that how ego comes in the way of the good act of Reconciliation. There are many today who feel the need of reconciliation with their loved ones, they cry and feel sad day and night for being at a distance with their loved ones yet their ego keeps them unmoved. That is very sad.

As I mentioned earlier, that I feel so desperate to reconcile with the person I fought with previously. That’s because ego is for an hour or a day, but relationships are forever.

Friends! Is EGO the enemy, holding us back from Reconciling with our loved ones? The Bible says, Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” An enemy always destroys. So today on ‘World Peace Day,’ let’s get rid of Ego & Pride at once and reconcile to live a peaceful, happy and joyous life with our loved ones, fellow human beings and with our neighboring countries.

Stay Blessed!



‘Re’ is a very interesting prefix and has been used to explain something good. For example, ‘Re-union,’ ‘Re-store,’ ‘Re-conciliation,’ ‘Re-build’ and so on. But the actions involved in all these words are not easy or very difficult. I mean to say, reunion of old friends and family members is a difficult task to undertake and doesn’t happen often but it is something which is really good & is a beautiful thing to happen for everybody involved in it. Rebuilding an old house is an amazing experience though very difficult. Similarly, Reconciliation and Restoration of broken relationships are utterly difficult.

One of my younger cousins has named me as ‘Glue Man,’ because I love & try to keep my cousins together despite of regional & other differences in us. I literally hate dissension and strain in any relationship. I do not like to stay away or stop talking or communicating for long after a fight or difference of opinions. I love to keep the relationship on and on in every situation.

Because, I believe a relationship is that what gives us the strength and reason to live and survive. A relationship is the only potion that prevents and cures loneliness, depression, distress and sadness. A relationship is the only mean and measure that helps us to find a way. A relationship gives us authority on each other’s lives. A relationship is the radar or rudder of our life boat. When a relationship is broken we find ourselves in the middle of the sea, sinking down in the water inch by inch.

I feel burdened when I look around and find many broken relationships in the world today. My heart aches when I see a home torn wide apart and shattered. I feel so sad to see a child getting parted and divided physically, mentally & spiritually between two separated or divorced parents. I feel sorry for the parents who are being driven out of their homes by the children. I feel bad when the brothers fight for a piece of land and cut off their relationships with each other forever.

I know there are many among us who are broken yet want to be united back again with their loved ones. I know there are many husbands who want their wives to come back to their arms. I feel the need of many wives who are desperate to reconcile with their husbands. And I also know that it’s never too late to mend a broken relationship. It’s never impossible to get back, reconcile and restore the strained relationship. It’s never shameful to get back to your loved ones.

But the biggest difficulty that stands as mountain before us is – HOW TO RECONCILE? HOW TO REBUILD? HOW TO RESTORE? HOW TO START?

I have 7 very simple yet important factors that will help us to reconcile & rebuild a broken relationship which are mentioned as under:

  1. Feeling the Need:
    A relationship can be restored only when we have the desire to reconcile and rebuild. Unless we have a longing to come together or unite together we can’t imagine of rebuilding. For example if I think “She doesn’t show any interest to reconcile” then I would be sure that I am not ready to reconcile. When we feel the relationship with our loved ones needs to be restored because of our own need then we know that we are ready to take a step forward towards restoration.
  2. Taking the first step:
    I have seen that in life, we always tend to expect the first initiation from the opposite party. I have also had the experience in my own life that if I want to reconcile then I have to take the first step. I can’t expect that somebody will come and give me a glass of water when I feel thirsty. I need to express my feelings or ask for a glass of water or get it myself. The process of reconciliation and rebuilding starts when we take the first initiation in response to our own need.
  3. Expecting Denial:
    When we are on the verge of rebuilding & restoring we should always be ready for denial to our attempts. The other person may not want to rebuild or reconcile initially. So we should not be disappointed with her/his denial, we should be ready to face that and accept it in a very positive way.
  4. Patience is the Key:
    We should never lose our patience. We always need to remember that “breaking is much easier than rebuilding.” We need patience. We need perseverance. We have to keep coming again and again to reconcile. And one day when we succeed we have to start rebuilding slowly.
  5. A Humbling experience:
    It is really not at all easy to come again and again expecting a response to our invitation to reconcile and restore a strained relationship. It is a humbling experience. We need humility along with patience to break the wall between us and our loved ones. When we face denial our ego may challenge us to take a step back and stop thinking of bending down again. We might have patience to come again but we might not stay calm when we hear absurd & hurting words from the other side. We need to remind ourselves that rebuilding was our need and we have to bend down again and again to reconcile, to recreate and to rebuild.
  6. Asking Forgiveness:
    We may say, ‘I was not wrong’ when we are allowed to come close to the person with whom we want to restore our relationship. But we should remember that we were also part of that act of breaking our relationship. So we need to ask forgiveness from our partner, from our children, from our parents or whoever it may be.
  7. Having Faith in Our Love:
    The Bible says ‘love never fails.’ It is true. When we have true love springing up from our heart nothing can stop us. Love really never fails. So we need to have faith in our love for our beloved. That will win the battle for us.

I have never mentioned that these are the 7 steps to reconcile & rebuild, rather I said that these are the 7 important factors involved in the process of reconciling and rebuilding. All these factors have to work together. It’s not that we should finish the first step and then try out the second one. All these have to work together and then only we can expect a rebuilt relationship.

Friends! Let’s start our reconciling & rebuilding process with a word of prayer. May God bless us to cherish a reconciled and rebuilt relationship.

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor. 


food-878445_1280What is the tastiest food you have ever eaten? Well, I certainly can’t forget some dishes. They made an unforgettable mark on my taste buds. It’s not that I start salivating when I think about them, but I certainly remember them with a certain fondness. They say best things in life are unexpected and so it happened with me.


I was travelling to Darjeeling with my parents in the year 2002. We got down at Sonada which is about 20 kilometers from the famous hill station. Dad knew a few people at the novitiate there so we tagged along with him. The novitiate was located on a hill slope. A thin veil of fog covered the basketball court outside.  It was afternoon and yet there was no sign of the sun. We were hungry and one of the Salesian fathers led us to their cafeteria.

The beef I ate there was out of this world. Soft and succulent, my taste buds relished every piece of it before swallowing. I don’t know how they prepared it. It wasn’t spicy (which is the way I like) but it had an incredible taste. It wasn’t fried as much as I can remember. I have asked mom to prepare beef in that particular fashion but she never perfected it although once she came fairly close. May be it is something to do with the altitude of Sonada and the air pressure there.


It was my friend’s birthday. We went to this small pub in the northern edges of my home town. I was not sure what to expect in that place. The waiter, a young Nepali boy served us plates of “chilly pork”. I am not a big fan of pork. Although, in my childhood days I used to have plenty of it at my aunt’s place. It usually contains lot of fat and I had grown out of it eventually. This preparation seemed different. They had removed the extra fat and the garnishing of onions along with the spices made it yummy. It was better than any chilly chicken I had eaten before. I have not eaten much pork after that except for pepperoni on countable number of occasions. That has been the tastiest pork yet.


I was with my parents again as we strolled through the crowded Hill-cart road. The Durga Puja celebrations were in full flow. The drums were beating loudly from the various pandals. The strips of decorative lightings hung over the roads and the bamboo structure with lighting patterns marked the edges of the small streets leading to another pandal.  The festive atmosphere kept everyone in high spirits.

 After a long walk we stopped for dinner. I can’t recollect what we had in the main course, but I certainly remember the dessert. The medium sized gulab-jamun took the tongue by surprise with its amount of warmth.  It was delicious and the taste spread as it gradually melted in my mouth. I took another piece and it certainly felt heavenly. Even mom and dad liked it a lot. From then on I have always preferred hot gulab-jamuns.

Enjoy your food and cherish the foodie memories. Like they say, “best things in life are unexpected” and sometimes you will find out that the best food in life is unexpected too.

Peter Minj


fruits-82524_1280Fresh & dry fruits are the natural staple food of man. They contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients in rational proportion. They are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins & enzymes. Fruits are easily digested and produce a cleansing effect on the blood and the digestive tract. Fruits can successfully treat ailments caused by the intake of unnatural foods. Fresh and dry fruits are thus not only good foods but also good medicines.

Natural Benefits of Fruits:

  1. Fruits hydrate the body to a great extent.
  2. Fruits act as diuretics and contribute to a salt free diet.
  3. Fruits alkalize the body fluids and keep the body free from toxic wastes.
  4. They speed up the recovery process in times of sickness by giving quick energy and minerals.
  5. The fibres of fruits give laxative effect and hence prevent and cure constipation when taken in regularly.
  6. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements of fruits are extremely beneficial in normalizing all body processes. Hence, they help in healing and cell regeneration.
  7. Fruits can delay aging.

Curative effects of fruits:

  1. Regular use of fruits sharpens memory, prevents nervous exhaustion, mental tension, hysteria and insomnia.
  2. Fruits help in blood building and nerve strengthening. They are also good for liver ailments, indigestion, rheumatism etc.
  3. Fruits can be a positive remedy for the weakness of the brain.
  4. They are also beneficial in fevers, catarrh, nasal and bronchial ailments.

A generous intake of fruits in the diet will enable a person to lead healthy life. Fruits prevent all diseases and help a person to be smart, energetic and active all through life.


  1. Take only one fruit at a time.
  2. It is always better to take fruits with milk than with meals.
  3. Diabetic & obese persons must avoid all sweet fruits.

— Dr. P. Sameera


Biscuits Sofa

Yesterday I was cordially invited to my munchkin’s doll marriage party. I was very excited and happy as I traveled down the memory lane to the eras of my childhood but at the same time I was constantly in the thinking mode as what should I carry as a gift! ( I reminded myself that I am invited as a granny so my gift should be accordingly.)

After lot of thinking, finally an idea clicked. I decided to gift a Sofa set made of BISCUITS, which my little munchkin will surely love. I started preparing and made this. It was a super easy snack yet so interesting. 🙂 The happiness I got from the expressions of my little ones was priceless. It was a complete happy hour for us… After all Granny rocked! 🙂

Shrabani Tripathy