Avoid-Running-Into-Walls-Step-7I am at odds with this term at the moment. Every time I hear ‘Reconciliation’, the word ‘Remove’ comes to mind. I read through the previous articles and they did make a lot of sense. But due to some reason the former word is stuck in the corner of my mind.

I understand reconciliation… I understand second chances… I mean where we all would be in the world had we not been given second chances. But is reconciliation the rule or the exception?? Does everybody deserve it?

Sometimes it’s not the ego but the hurt and lack of faith in the person that stops us. Sometimes the person in question might have irrevocably changed the dynamics of the relation. They might have acted out consciously without care of what might be the consequence. There are people in our life who are flawed but we would give them hundred chances rather than see them part from our lives.

But the question stands, Are they deserving of those chances? In such cases is it not better to ‘remove’ than ‘reconcile?’ Is it not better that rather than reconciling with person we reconcile with the fact that sometimes the happy ending of a story is letting them go in odds to loosing yourselves!!!

This is the initial emotion that surges out from within when we get hurt.

But… keeping aside my normal feeling if I ponder deeply I feel we might think of ignoring or removing when we are hurt by a stranger and we don’t have any scope to meet with him/her again but what if he/she is our close relative, our beloved friend and neighbours with whom we have good relationship previously. How can we ignore when we meet them daily on our way to school, college or work place! We can’t ignore or remove them completely. Somehow we make some compromises with them.

Again I feel ‘Reconciliation’ has levels too. The degree of reconciliation with a closest family member or relative is higher than that with a close friend or a neighbour. I hope I made it clear.

The fight between the normal and supreme will continue till the end and we need to remember that removing or ignoring is a normal human action but reconciliation is a higher and supreme level of action. Reconciliation is prompted by love which is supreme of all. It is not easy. In fact it is very difficult but not impossible.