heart-668592_1280The word ‘reconcile’ has been derived from the Latin word reconciliāre which means ‘to make good again’. It is a word which is used in the context of human relationships only. It means to re-beautify a relationship which was once good and beautiful, but has lost its charm overtime.

Think of a beautiful new garment which you have very fondly purchased. One fine day you discover a few stains on it. What would you do? Would you throw it away? Or would you make an attempt to remove the grease and the stains and try to restore it to its former pristine beauty? Some of us would take the extreme step of discarding it altogether. However, most of us would make multiple attempts to clean the garment. In fact, some of us would decide to keep the garment in our closet unworn for years, if the stain doesn’t go away.

If this is the fond attachment we tend to show for an apparel which we have purchased with money, how much more concern do we need to show for the strained relationships in our lives which cannot be bought or sold with money!

The selfish bitterness, vindictive malice and mindless hatred that stain our relationships can be effectively washed away by using true humility, merciful forgiveness and unconditional love as the cleansing agents.