FatherEverybody loves being loved, it is a wonderful feeling, a sense of belonging that everyone craves. Whether the love of a parent, a friend, a partner or a sibling, it is this ultimate feeling of happiness that everyone is running toward.

But what people fail to understand is that sometimes it’s not the feeling that’s important, it is the person. They might not be able to express it verbally, but it is always there in the small things they do for you.

The best example I can think of, is my father. He is a man of few words; he is not a warm ball of affection, but has been a rock all of our lives. An ever present tower of strength, he is my go-to guy. If there is a miracle of love in my life, he is the one.

Talking about my father makes me emotional because he is the strongest example of everything good and beautiful in my life. I think that’s my point in effect!

Whatever kind of love you look forward to in your life, it is only the love of a parent that you can fall back to. So, if you want to experience the true sense of belonging and the feeling of being loved, talk to them today and say in not so many words “Thank you.”

Say that you love them, that they mean the world to you! And when you see that smile creeping onto their faces and eyes filled with tears and love, you will know that all is well in the world and that pursuit of love you were in just arrived.

Avishikta Dey

3 thoughts on “MY MIRACLE OF LOVE – MY FATHER!

    1. Love is a divine attribute. Love is for all. There’s no limitation or boundary of love.

      But that love is Agape love which is divine, only God can execute that love to the mankind.

      On earthly standard we have two levels of love Philio & Eros. Philio is that kind of love which is between fellow human being, brother & sister and children & parents.

      Eros is only between husband & wife which has boundary. This kind of love is exclusive.

      As I said earlier love in general sense (philio love) has no boundary. Agape love, human can’t think only.


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