heart-583895_1280Robin and Sherin were devastated! Their parents had decided to part ways. Yes, it was surely a relief from the everyday bickerings that had made their lives hell. But, what would happen to them? Their little innocent minds could not find any answer. Robin was ten years old and Sherin was eight. From the day their parents broke the news of their separation to them, the brother-sister duo were having sleepless nights dreading the day when their parents would finally go their separate ways. They couldn’t imagine what life would be like to live without their parents, probably they would be out of school as well, lose their friends, and what if they never get to see each other again! Unable to find any answer to their questions, they simply chose to treasure the imprints of each day as it came.

One evening, they were told by their parents that it was their last night together. The next morning Robin had to leave with his father, while Sherin had to stay on with her mother. Silent tears flowed down their chubby cheeks. But, what could they do? They were left with no option. They would lose their friends as well, but they would not be out of school as they had thought. Their parents were quite well of and had selected the best schools for their readmission. With uncontrollable sobs, Robin and Sherin parted – unsure whether they would ever see each other again.

Time flew past. Robin and Sherin were soon in the prime of their youth. Both had completed their education from reputed institutions and were well-placed. And yes, they had traced each other out and were in touch. But alas, what a mess their lives were in!

Robin had a successful career, but could not trust the people around him. He failed miserably in all his relationships. His only comforts were alcohol and drugs. After all, they would never leave him as his parents did! Soon he discovered that he was neck-deep in debt. He took to unfair means in order to stabilize himself financially. The law of the land caught up with him and he landed behind the bars.

Sherin hopped from one relationship to the other and ended up being used and abused. She had ruined her flourishing career and was left with a child out of wedlock. She was distraught and hapless and had nobody to turn to. Frustrated, she ended up her life.

The story may not seem very new. But yes, there are many Robins and Sherins around us. Each Robin has a different song to sing and each Sherin has a different tale to tell. Have we ever spared a thought about them?

We are living in an age of commercialization and rapid development. There are sky-rising buildings in our cities and towns. And, within these buildings are caged many Robins and Sherins. To the world around, they lack nothing. In fact, some of them may be the perfect pictures of affluence and dignity. But in the deepest corners of their hearts, they are dying a million deaths. They are hungry and thirsty – not for bread and water – but for love. Love is their fervent need. Mother Teresa once remarked, “The hunger for love is more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”

Thanks to modern science, we know that the love-centre is in the brain and not in the heart! Every human being has the potential to love and a longing to be loved. Without love, all the good deeds that we do and all the policies and programmes that any Government devises are actually patchwork remedies in a desperate attempt to find a cure for man’s heartache.

“The greatest science in the world – in heaven and on earth is love”, said Mother Teresa. Scientific developments and technological advancements can put man on a higher pedestal than the rest of the higher primates, but cannot quench the thirst for love in the human heart. Economic empowerment is good and desirable, but riches and luxury will not meet man’s desire for love. Education is necessary, but again education will not satisfy man’s need for love. The United Nations may be a practical solution in a world that has been ravaged by two major wars and contemplates the threat of a possible World War III, but even the UN cannot bring lasting peace. Only love can!

Love is the only panacea for all the problems plaguing the world. By our love we can rid the society from many evils and save many lives that are forced to see the end before time. By our love we can show others how to love, and so can make the world a better place to live in. Each one of us can be ‘a miracle of love’ for someone who is unloved and uncared for! Instead of pointing our fingers of accusations at the messed up lives around us, we can sure gift these Robins and Sherins with the ‘miracle of love.’

Author’s Bio: Rajnandini Sahu has done her Post Graduation in Clinical and Counselling Psychology and is presently working as a Counsellor in a school, apart from pursuing higher studies. She can be contacted at ‘rsahu1023@gmail.com‘.