beauty-355157_1280Physical beauty doesn’t necessarily indicate good character, and so it is not supposed to be preferred over capability & character.

We spent the last SIX precious days expressing our thoughts on being beautiful. I just want to sum up & highlight the conclusions of all the discussions of the week on “What Beauty Is” as under:

  1. HOLISTIC PERSONALITY: In the mega article on last Sunday, Prabhjot said, “Beauty is not just about your looks – it is about your holistic personality. So, be beautiful physically, emotionally and intellectually!”
  2. MORE THAN SKIN & BODY: Rajnandini in her snippet said, “We as a people surely need to rise above the beauty of the skin and the body.” “There is more to life than merely the beauty of the skin!”
  3. MORE THAN WHAT WE SEE: I loved what Samarpita said in her snippet: “Beauty is not just a visual medium but can also be auditory, tactual and olfactory. It symbolizes a sense of morality and honesty. It is possible that the little girl equated her definition of ‘beauty’ to someone treating her well, giving her time and space, and making her comfortable.”
  4. KIND WORDS WE UTTER: This is an important point which Ruth mentioned in her snippet, “What truly defines the concept of beauty is the words that we use. The way we talk, the range of our tone and usage of words exhibits the person in us.”
  5. HOLDING FAST TO DIVINE VALUES: Rajnandini in her snippet goes on to suggest : “If you adhere to the prescriptions of beauty mentioned above, Charming in heart and Beautiful in mind you shall be, and thus steal the hearts of countless many!” You have to read her article “BE A ‘HEART-STEALER” to know the prescription.

I don’t really need to describe anything more after so much of discussion but let me just conclude with what I started initially.

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting.” The implication of this quote can be understood in two ways: Assessing & Possessing.

Firstly, physical beauty or outward appearance is always deceiving. So, it is better not to ASSESS anybody’s overall beauty by just seeing the outward look of a person.

Secondly, it is very important to POSSESS the inner values or the divine qualities to build our character & beautify ourselves instead of relying on our outer coating.

Keep reading, Keep discussing, and Keep learning…

Stay Blessed!  

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor.