eye-321961_1280During my internship, many years ago, I visited the visually impaired school of Ramakrishna Mission in Kolkata. Although I don’t remember many details, one small incident taught me a new meaning of the word “beauty”. As I interacted with the students, there was a young girl, visually impaired, who just wanted to sit with me all the time. She held my hand, touched my face and said, “You are beautiful.”

That day I understood the meaning of BEAUTY through the little girl’s eyes. As Plato quotes, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”; the eye here, is actually the eye of the soul. Beauty is not just a visual medium but can also be auditory, tactual and olfactory. It symbolizes a sense of morality and honesty. It is possible that the little girl equated her definition of “beauty” to someone treating her well, giving her time and space, and making her comfortable.

Similar situations arise in all of our lives. We all appreciate “beauty” but end up limiting our ability to perceive it. We meet different sets of people not knowing what they are going through, and we know how to react to each one of them. But often, we miss out finding the beauty within them and within us too.

You may ask, “Where is the beauty in pain?” But ironically, pain often brings beauty; for instance, a mother, out of pain, delivers a beautiful baby, out of a painful loss, there is an awareness of the beautiful person or time spent with him or her and the beautiful life, out of painful struggle emerges a beautiful poem. Hence, there is beauty in our interconnection as human beings.

Beauty is in our lives if we stop comparing with others, especially our outward appearance. People might pull you down on that matter, however, let us remember- we all are beautiful in God’s eyes who created us and said, “…Behold, it was very good…”

Samarpita Sahoo


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