My brother in his previous post, asks us all about a bondage that we are in? The question got me thinking. I felt flustered by the question actually. I mean we live in a free world. I am fortunate to be living in a democratic country where the second fundamental right given by the constitution is my right to freedom. Hence I am a free person.

But when I started answering the question, I found myself hesitant. I mean sure I am independent. Free to make my choices but am also bound by those choices. I am in bondage. And one that is sadly self-inflicted. And am quite positive I am surrounded with people with the same ailment. But we are uneasy to even admit that. Well, I am… It makes me feel less of a person to admit that I am not free, that I am bound to my habits actually. And try as I may, I am not been yet far been successfully in breaking free. But I hear they say that acceptance is the first step to everything. So I would urge everyone to try that. Accept the fact that there are shackles which you are bound to. Accept to one-self and you never know.. It might just set you free. So on the count of three… One… Two….

‪#‎Shiny‬ (Avishikta)