The perfect combo of adv n rout

 “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.”

Oh, what a deep thought, you may respond. But, if I may, this line by bestselling author Paulo Coelho is, to put it mildly, incorrect.

Let me explain.

Just the other morning, my husband and I were enjoying our regular morning cup of chai, when suddenly out of nowhere; this beautiful little black bird with a red chest came and sat on our balcony grill. We both froze, didn’t move a muscle; the bird sat there for a few seconds, looked around and flew off.

Bird-watching is clearly not our “thing” – nor do we have a strong affinity to birds in general. But that morning, we both had such wide smiles that continued all day.

Why? It is simply because adventure and routine are not separate from each other; they intermingle and blend with each other to make yours and my life beautiful.

My little niece, who lives in Hong Kong, came down to visit. We were invited to a wedding that day, and the little toddler was understandably feeling a little out of place. She moped around for a bit, and even got a stern stare from her mother, when suddenly, she screamed in glee, “Mommy, look, look, it’s a butterfly.” And then there was no stopping her. The slow drag of her feet was transformed into a joyful prance. She followed the butterfly, made a couple of attempts to catch it; she was having so much fun.

It started off mundane, yes, but then, it was Hello Adventure!

What is so lethal about routine after all? It is the inability to enjoy the little adventures that come our way, isn’t it?

Let me give you another example. I can share so many here, but I would like to hear from you.

This happened a few months ago. It was one of the slowest moving days at work. Same old job, same old desk – and my colleagues and I were visibly in low spirits. I am not sure what a senior colleague of mine was thinking, but he quietly slipped out and when he returned, he had a huge box of cupcakes for all of us. We all were overjoyed as we took a break to enjoy it. Our boss joined us too. We chatted about our lives, our work; and realised how happy we were at our workplaces. Now back at that same old desk, same old job, there was a new meaning, and a new adventure had just begun.

It is simple folks; routine is not lethal; because routine does not stand alone. Just like two sides of a coin, routine and adventure walk hand in hand.

When was the last time you allowed adventure to cross paths with your routine? Tell me about it.

After all, you are allowing a little adventure into your routine as you speak!

Author Bio:  Khristina Jacob, works as a Writer & Editor.


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