A routine lifestyle is often monotonous. It can make us weary and tired easily. It lacks excitement and variety. Imagine hearing a lecture without eye contact, bad audibility and clumsy body language! Listening from this teacher again and again can make a student to fall asleep in the class definitely. Life too can become a monotonous class room if there are no variations. Doing the same work again and again everyday could make a person complacent, remorse and bored. For me a mother and wife, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner daily often seems like a monotonous work. Especially, when kids throw tantrums at the dining table. It can make a person annoyed and frustrated!

I tried my best to bring variety in the dishes without compromising the nutrition factor. And lo and behold, tiffin boxes came back empty and kids started even looking forward to the eating times.

Spicing up life every now and then is very important to remain focused and in the right perspective. Rejuvenating ourselves time to time is perhaps one of the key to be more successful in life.

Life’s daily hurdles can often make us feel dull and tired but it’s our conscious and consistent effort can make it an adventurous journey. It is like taking the Bull by its horns and getting a “Kick” from every incidence of the day!

— Swapna Nanda