Marriage is no doubt one of the greatest of adventures of life. In my 10 years of marital bond I have some experiences where I had failed to take some adventures and succeeded to undertake some.

I am mentioning down under a list of 7 mini adventures in a seemingly routine and dull marital bond which can really help the spouses to hold themselves together.

1. A marriage is a covenant where couples have to lose everything to gain. A marriage relationship is not a partnership where the partners’ share 50-50 but it’s a friendship where they share 100-100.

2. EGO-less partners make the best marriages on earth. Give importance to one another.

3. Silence is not GOLD in a marriage relationship; in fact it’s a WALL. Adventure to TALK everything out…

4. A marriage is a bond, not a bondage where the spouses love to take responsibility for everything, at every time.

5. Fight with the factor that makes you fight with your partner.

6. Cell Phone rule for marriage: “keep (re)charging the battery to keep using further.” Adventure to make the bond interesting & captivating.

7. Create a fun-filled atmosphere in a marriage without making fun of your partner.

Dear Spouses! Please take a good dose of the above potions to stay healthy in your marriage life. Trust me it’s difficult but not impossible.

Stay Blessed!

— Chiradeep


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