Attitude of a person can be negative or positive. Attitude is the banner of a person’s behaviour. I mean to say, attitude of a person helps to understand the behavioural pattern of that particular person to a greater extent.

But there’s a question arises here, how the attitude becomes negative or positive.

What are the factors that mould a person’s attitude which we reckon as bad or good? There are many but I wanted to focus on one factor which is the major among all. Let’s discuss about it as follows:

Family Background: Family background plays a big role in a person’s behavioural pattern thus making his or her attitude good or bad, negative or positive. Children follow their parents; how they behave, eat, talk etc. They study and follow certain behavioural pattern from the very childhood which stays till their death. The attitude is the face of a person’s behaviour which we discussed little earlier. The attitude is shaped from the very childhood along with his or her behavioural pattern.

Let’s take an example of a person from an uneducated, poor family background who generally will always have a low self esteem and low in confidence. But in the other hand a person from an affluent and educated family will always be high spirited, confident and dominating.

Attitude of a person is dented because of a poor family background. There’s rare scenario where some rise above every difficulties because of their positive ideologies & mindset and become great people like Dr. Kalam who was an amazing example of this.

Attitude of a person is also dented because of poor teaching atmosphere in the family where there’s no scope for learning manners, work ethics, moral values and life surviving strategies.

So, it’s very evident that family atmosphere and background is vital in forming a person’s attitude towards their fellow human being, their life and towards every other thing that come across him or her.

Parents & Elders careful! You are responsible for your younger one’s attitude forming.

Stay Blessed!

—- ‪#‎Chiradeep‬