Attitude, when I think about defining the word, I come up short. It is a fairly easy word, though the meaning it encompasses is vast. The kind of attitude a person holds is in a way the perception a person holds of the people around them.

I think of the word ‘Attitude’ and two other words spring up in my mind: ‘A for Amicable’ and ‘A for Aggressive.’ Both of these words are polar opposite from each other, two extremes and yet two sides of the samecoin. One describes the friendly nature of a person whereas the other defines a person who loathes the world around them. One who maintains peace and the other who thrives on Chaos.

I think both of these words are a perfect way of defining attitude. The choice lies with us to choose which side we let the balance shift.

Are we Amicable or aggressive?

‪#‎Shiny‬ (‪#‎Avishikta‬)