‘The Peoples President’ APJ Abdul Kalam left us in tears on Monday, 27th July 2015 but he left all his wealth for all of us to enjoy; the wealth of knowledge to pass on, the wealth of visions to accomplish, the wealth of ideologies to follow.

We as a team want to commemorate this great human being with few indispensable words.

‪#‎Anupam‬: Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, who served as the 11th, President of India was a great Scientist and a good President but more importantly a humble and down to earth individual who never forgot where he came from and the means that took him there. A rare life who served in a rare way of providing learning and inspiration to young minds. He lived by the song, ” 18 till I die” and was forever young in thought and action. In his passing away, we lost a great soul who thought ahead of his times. RIP Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

‪#‎Prabhjot‬: The man who believed in this nation and dedicated his life to serve this country – the visionary and forever an inspiration for all of us. That’s Abdul Kalam for me! This nation will always need you and is ever thankful for your services and your inspiration. We will work towards making your dream a success. Your belief in the power of science and technology has inspired millions like me. Thank you for showing us the power of knowledge. Salute!

‪#‎Khristina‬: I heard about Dr Kalam’s passing when I returned home from work yesterday. And in a flash our newsroom was in a virtual flurry, as always. But this time, there was a sense of gloom – as we worked together to put up the news. I collated a quick article on 5 stories about Kalam that will make you smile. This made me revisit his greatness – I heard of one such tale – which I would like to share here too. He was having a discussion with his colleagues at DRDO, about a security situation in one of the buildings. One of his colleagues suggested that they put up glass shards on the top of the wall. But Dr Kalam turned it down saying, the birds will hurt themselves. So sensitive to the balance of nature, this man will forever remain as the best of India’s greats.

‪#‎Rajnandini‬: Famously known as the ‘Missile Man of India’ for his work on the development of ballistic missile, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He had a humble beginning, yet rose to heights of excellence by dint of his hard work and determination. He was a visionary, a teacher par excellence, an inspirer and an epitome of humility and compassion.

His life’s message can be worded as follows: “Soar up high in the sky, Fly higher and higher with the wings of fire, The fire of knowledge, truth, simplicity, commitment and vision, Be a dreamer, And be passionate to turn the dream into reality, Ignite your minds to settle for nothing less than the best, Only then in peace should you rest.” Our tribute to the great man! May his vision for a great India become the life-mission of many!

‪#‎Avishikta‬: The former President of India was a man like no other. He was a man with a dream, for a better future of the present India. His words have always been thought invigorating and work an Inspiration. The people of this country have foregone a huge loss on this day.

‪#‎Sulagna‬: A great scientist, a true karmayogi, a multidimensional teacher and statesman committed to the development of the country. We celebrate “The missile man” but how many of us know about his contributions to India’s civilian space program at ISRO?

On this tragic day we pray we can draw inspiration from the vision and dedication of this great leader.

‪#‎Chiradeep‬: “To become ‘unique’ the challenge is to fight the hardest battle which anyone can imagine, until you reach your destination.” This was his message to the people at Jaipur Literature Festival on Saturday, 24th July 2015. Truly, he fought till the last and that made him so special and so unique in the hearts of many.

One of his quotes really took me into a state of excogitation. “All birds find shelter during a rain but Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference.” He had a very poor family background. He used to distribute newspaper after his schooling to help his father. He failed to achieve what he aimed at, “being a fighter-plane pilot.” But he was not discouraged. He was not dismayed. His thoughts didn’t get distorted. Rather he flew above the problems, because he was not just like common birds suppressed by life’s problems. He showed the right attitude, at the right time and climbed the ladder of success.

Wish he would have been our president two three times more, but huh…

Sir! We will miss you dearly!

— Candles Online Team