What is Attitude?

What's Attitude

Meaning of Attitude:

“Attitude” a word which is easily understood by everybody yet I found it difficult to convey the exact meaning to my readers while writing this week’s editorial.

Attitude can be described in terms of three components which is called as ‘ABC Model of Attitude.’

A – Affective Component: It explains attitude involves a feeling or emotion towards the object of attitude; for example, feeling scared of something like, snake, rat, spider etc.

B – Behavioural Component: It describes attitude to be the actions behind the feeling or emotion towards the attitude object. We scream or shout when we feel scared of seeing something.

C – Cognitive Component: This component explains that the attitude involves a person’s belief or knowledge about the object of attitude. We get scared of something because we have a belief or knowledge about that particular “something.”

So, in simple words I can define attitude as, “the action of what we feel about something or somebody for a certain preoccupied knowledge or experience about that something or somebody.”

The Attitude is something like this diagram:


However, the simplest meaning or for a lay man’s understanding, attitude can be ‘the mindset of a person towards somebody or something.’ In Hindi, the word attitude is “RAVAIYA” which makes it clearer. But when we talk about attitude we need to think about an object; that object can be somebody or something or some situation.

THREE major Functions of Attitude:

Gives Us Identity – Our attitude is very important because it makes other know of our personality or identity. Everybody comes to know who we are through our attitude. For example, when we see somebody quarrelling with others on the road every day, we know that he/she is a quarrelsome man or woman. We also give a name tag to him/her to indentify that person. We also tag a person as ‘gentle’ when we see him/her talking softly and politely.

Communicates Our Message – Our attitude helps to express our mind well. It conveys our desires or likes & dislikes to others. It helps us communicate what and how we feel.

Protects from Undesirables– Our attitude also helps us to stay away from undesirable persons or situations and move to safer people and circumstances.

About the Week’s Topic:

I hope this week will be a very interesting week as we will be discussing more on this word, “ATTITUDE.” We will see: ‘how our attitude is shaped or moulded?’ ‘What are the causes of our attitude being negative or positive?’ ‘How negative attitude brings back adverse effects on us?’ ‘How positive attitude benefits us?’ and so on…

Keep reading… Stay Blessed!!!

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor.