A healthy work culture doesn’t depend on the employees only but it also depends on the employer in an organisational or a company set up.

The employer has to make sure that the employees are co-operative with each other and each employee is treated as one.

He also needs to see that the top performers are duly appreciated and rewarded as yesterday we read how encouragement can be a lucrative incentive for their performances.

The employer also needs to see and form employee friendly policies and feasible guidelines. Unnecessary rules and regulations to display his boss-ship are useless and not at all profitable for the organisation.

Another important aspect an employer needs to think about is to build leadership qualities in capable employees and delegating authorities and responsibilities to them. Proper delegation of authority and building next line leadership is very vital in modern day’s organisations.

No doubt a healthy work culture leads to satisfied employees and an increased productivity but the employer has the sole responsibility of creating and maintaining that particular healthy work culture in the organisation.

— Chiradeep