I have only a year’s experience to show for as my corporate life so far. But even in this year I could see the way my job affected my day to day life. I believe the kind of job you do dictates your mood on the job or away from it. If you love it, all is good in the world. If not, well… God save the poor souls around you.

I for one have had more bad than good days; maybe because of me being young, temperamental and susceptible. I believe everybody does the best on their work. But it’s when they are not appreciated for a job well done, the frustration and helplessness kicks in. Nobody minds being reprimanded for an unaccomplished task. But they also like being patted on the back for a good one.

I believe appreciation is a fundamental building block for a healthy work environment. Two words of encouragement goes a long way with a person, induces loyalty too.